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New ordinance outlines open container boundaries
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When the city of Hinesville hosts special events with alcohol for sale, a new open container ordinance will go into effect.

Council members approved an ordinance outlining a section of downtown where open containers will be permissible and when.

“There is an area that we are recommending open container be allowed during certain events,” City Manager Kenneth Howard said at a recent council meeting.

Under the new ordinance, individuals are limited to one 16-ounce container within the specified district. Also, those areas adjacent to the district are considered to be part of the open container district.

“The intent was to have the boundary along identifiable locations and points,” Howard said.

The general boundaries of the open container district are: from South Commerce Street and East Martin Luther King Jr Drive, the along South Commerce Street to the East Hendry Street intersection, on East Hendry Street to the South Main and Hendry streets intersection, along Main Street Park walking to Ashmore Street, then along Ashmore Street to West Court Street, then to West Street and its intersection with Central Avenue, then to Welborn Street and its intersection Memorial Drive and along Memorial Drive to its intersection with Commerce Street, and then along Commerce to Court Street, and then to Wilcox Street, and back to MLK Jr. Drive.

The designated area encompasses much of downtown and those streets that are affected by such events as food truck festivals.

Howard pointed out that individuals are limited to one container in order to prevent underage drinking.

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