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Ossoff’s Deputy Director visits Geechee Kunda Cultural Arts Center
DD visits Geechee
Riceboro Mayor Pro-Tem Pearlie Axson, Michelle Harris, Perneacia Banks, Gregory Grant, Walthourville Mayor Pro-Tem Sarah B. Hayes, Mr. & Mrs. Joyner and State Deputy Director, Steven Parker,
On Thursday, July 15, 2021, John Ossoff's State Deputy Director, Steven Parker, visited the Geechee Kunda Cultural Arts Center and Museum located in Riceboro, Ga.

Director Parker was amongst a few community leaders and stakeholders that attended a private showing of the facility before its planned re-opening in September.

"The Geechee Kunda Cultural Arts Center & Museum is a cultural and historical treasure that can no longer be hidden away from the rest of the world. Over the next few weeks, we will be hosting several private previews for our partners, community, and public representatives to highlight what we've accomplished throughout COVID and preview what's to come," said Sabrina Newby Geechee, Kunda Director.

To learn more about Geechee Kunda Culture Arts Center and Museum visit, you can find them on all social media @officialgeecheeekunda or call 912-231-7583 or email

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