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Bagging the big buck
Happy hunting
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I’m very blessed to be surrounded by some great hunters. No matter if I have had a kill in two days or two months, when I hear a great hunting story I’m so fired up I could spend a week straight in the stand.
I ran across an all time outfitter and great hunting buddy Steve and when he saw me all he said was, “I have a story for you!”
He said his day started a little late, and by the time he got up in his stand it was already 9 a.m. He was ready to bring them in and lay one down, so he did what he always does and that is calling out with a few doe bleats, and a rattle.
Now most people will not rattle unless the rut is in full swing, but Steve tried it out since he’s had great luck with it in the past. It was not even 30 minutes and just at the corner of the brush he saw movement, not sure if it was a doe or buck he decided to bleat one good time.
As soon as he did here stepped out this big body deer, and from the stand he could make out at least six points. Now the opening he was sitting in was surrounded by brush and he was hunting with a shotgun, he still had to get him out further have a good shot.
The more he rattled the more the old buck stopped and looked for another deer and it was easy to see that he was the senior buck in that area. He ended up circling his stand almost two times.
Talk about patience.
Steve finally was able to get a good shot off in the boiler room, and he said the sound was one of the most magical experiences he’s ever had in the woods. He shot the buck and once he was hit the deer stood there and let out five loud deep grunts.
When I heard this I wish I had been there to shoot it myself, or film it. When he was able to get a good look at his trophy the buck had six point with thick, main beams turned in with the G2s almost touching, just a good rack for rattling.
And in South Georgia, this deer was bigger than average with six foot from nose to tail. He weighed 180 lbs. before field dressing and over all a great looking buck.
These stories it makes me want to quit my job and just stay out in the woods, but I know if I do, my wife would be so mad I might have to stay in the woods.
It’s great to hear hunting stories like these and, as I said before, I’m blessed to be surrounded by great hunters.
With half the season left I hope you all get your trophy deer much like Steve. Happy Hunting and I’ll see you in the woods.

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