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Fishing club wants members
TightLine Welch
Ronald Welch holds two bass recently caught at Evans County Public Fishing Area. - photo by Photo provided.

Hello friends and neighbors all around the coastal area. We have been having a little preview of what summer is going to be like.
I would like to talk a little about a fishing club I have just become aware of. It is the Fort Stewart Bass Anglers Club. The fellow in the photo is Ronald L. Welch, an avid angler and president of Bass Anglers. The club is looking for members who are community driven and love to fish.

The group is involved with the children around the area to try to get young people interested in fishing.
If you have ever seen the smile on a young person’s face when they snag that first fish, it`s all worthwhile.
The club’s next meeting at 7 p.m. May 10 at the Long County Sheriff’s Department in Ludowici.

The next tournament will be May 16 at Lake Jackson. For more details call Welch at 912-610-4012.
The Fort Stewart Bass Anglers Club sounds like a good club to be in. Be sure to ask about the pot luck tournaments it has have every Sunday.
My friend, Capt. Hippie, and I gave it a shot last weekend. We did not have much luck.
Don`t let that stop you from getting out there and wetting a hook. The fish are out there and you can catch them if you try.

I am looking forward to a fishing trip soon with some fellow anglers, Capt. Bruce Buggs and James Pugh. We are going to strike out and do some saltwater fishing around St. Catherines Island. I am really looking forward to it.
So, until next time, remember what Old Tight-Line always said, get out there and go fishing. And, if you do, always keep a tight line. That`s it from the coast.

Living the
Tight-Line Life,
Tight-Line Jr.

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