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Flounder starting to bite along coast
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Our fishing is improving every week. The fishing reports had bass, flounder and trout. The flounder have started to bite, and their favorite bait is minnows.
Yellow Bluff reported having several boats out over the weekend, and they landed trout, bass and flounder.
The coastal fishing is improving every week, and it should continue into the fall fishing season.
Rayburn Goodman, operator of the Yellow Fishing Camp, had several fishing reports for me this week.
These are the fishing reports that Goodman gave to me: Phillip Bohannon and party landed 14 trout and three bass; Fred Nolen, fishing with Tony Ansera and Matthew Tucker, caught 15 trout and one flounder; Jerry Smith, fishing with Ashley Fiddle and Joe Gill, landed 15 flounder and three trout; Richard Bland and party caught 11 flounder and eight trout; and Bill Forehand and party landed 16 trout and four flounder.
Goodman reported having a good supply of local-caught shrimp and live minnows.
Now is the time to take a fishing trip, and catch some fish. Just remember if you do go fishing to always keep a tight line.
All you fishermen, when you have a good catch, give me a call at 884-2723 and I will include it in my column.
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