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Get fit in 2018
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Erin Johnson
Erin Johnson is creative and content coordinator for the Liberty County Convention and Visitors Bureau. - photo by Photo provided.

The year 2018 is here.

As we’re all collectively reflecting on the past year and all that we’ve experienced, we’re also looking forward at what is to come. We’re making resolutions and goals for the new year, as the saying goes: New year, new you! The number one resolution most people make in a new year is to lose weight or get fit. I’ve definitely got this one on my list, that lemon pound cake I’ve been eating for breakfast the last week has not helped my dress size! Are you planning a healthier lifestyle in 2018, too? Get fit in Liberty County with these 5 tips!

1. Start slow and easy and go out for a walk. Don’t get too serious too quickly, you can’t go out and run a marathon on a whim. Find a walking trail you enjoy and make it a weekly habit. You can always add in a few sprints or jog it as you get more comfortable. We’ve got some beautiful walking trails to explore while you’re getting your steps in, take a look here.

2. Add in a workout regimen. Ready to up your game, try visiting a gym or the YMCA. If you’re like me and the idea of doing sit ups for an hour is enough to completely derail your resolution maybe take a zumba class.

3. Push yourself at a 5k! We have fun runs in our community periodically, try one. The Liberty Proud & Healthy committee offers a free 5K once a month at James Brown park! The next one is actually this Saturday. Check out the calendar for more 5K’s throughout the month.

4. Eat healthier! It’s time to clean out the snack drawer and think about what you’re eating. (Yes, that means you have to break up with the candy bowl, too!) Make a trip to Farmers Natural Food and stock up on snacks that won’t undo all your progress. The Farmer’s Market in Hinesville will reopen in March. Mark it on your calendar and get some fresh fruits and veggies.

5. Track your progress! We all need a pep talk every now and then, a simple reminder of where you’ve come is a great way to do that. You don’t need a fancy fitness tracker either. Check out the Relay for Life step tracker. Tape it to your desk or fridge for a visual reminder of how many more steps you’re able to make as time goes by.

Adjusting your lifestyle to lose weight or get healthy is indeed a common resolution, but it’s still a good one to make! Find a buddy and get fit in 2018, and go out and #ExploreLiberty while you’re doing it!

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