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Tightline: Rain made water too muddy to fish
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The Labor Day holiday was a total loss as far as fishing. The weather was bad all through the holiday. The tides were not bad, however the rain had the water muddy and there was very little fishing.
I went over to Yellow Bluff and talked to Rayburn Goodman. He reports that the weather out all of the fishing.
I believe that the rain that we had will be good for the fishing, crabbing, and shrimping.
The water should clear up in a few days and we will be having some good fishing tides for a few days. The tides will not be springing until the last of this month.
The tides will be running in the six and seven foot range until the last of this month.
I believe we will have some good fishing as soon as the water clears and that should be in a few days. We will be having good fishing tides for most of this month and the bass and trout should be legal to keep. Goodman reported having a good supply of live shrimp and live minnows.
The weather is getting better so take a fishing trip and catch some fish. Just remember if you do go fishing to always keep a tight line.
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