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Wild facts: mosquito eradication methods
0808 Mosquito
Mosquitoes are an ever-present pest, but keeping your yard free of standing water, you can stay bite-free. - photo by Photo provided.

Warm weather and rain means more mosquitoes buzzing about. These pesky insects lay eggs in the water, and the wiggling red larvae can hatch into adults in as few as four days. To prevent mosquitoes from breeding in your yard, simply dump any standing water and change out birdbath water before larvae have time to hatch. For small bodies of water that can’t be drained, organically-safe "doughnuts" that kill the larvae can be used.

Even with the best precautions, some adult mosquitoes will hatch out.

However, only female mosquitoes bite, and only certain species attack humans. Insect repellants can help prevent bites and the diseases they may cause.


Wild facts is a regular feature written by Linda May, environmental outreach coordinator with the Georgia DNR Wildlife Resources Division.

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