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Pets cause problems between people
HPD blotter for Aug. 29
Recent reports filed at the Hinesville Police Department include two which were sparked when people were fighting over pets. - photo by Stock photo

Recent reports filed at the Hinesville Police Department include:

Aug. 22
Theft by shoplifting — An officer was dispatched to Walmart in reference to a “combative subject” who was detained for shoplifting. Walmart loss-prevention observed the subject place two cases of beer in a shopping cart and attempt to leave the store. After placing the subject in custody and processing him through HPD, a warrant check revealed that the subject was wanted in Effingham County. Bond was set at $812.25, and the subject was sent to the Liberty County jail.

Aug. 23
Simple battery/disorderly conduct — An officer responded to a complaint of a fight at Parker’s at 903 W. Oglethorpe Highway. The cashier called the police in response to an altercation in the parking lot over the sale of two puppies. A dispute arose between two parties, one of whom claimed to have paid $25 as a down payment for two puppies, which were being sold for $50 apiece. Six weeks had passed, and the purchaser had neglected to pay the rest of the balance. The parties met at Parker’s to return the puppies and settle the dispute. However, the cashier said she called the police when the argument escalated, and she saw one person push someone else. The cashier informed them that they could not fight there and that she had called the police.

Stalking — An officer was dispatched to Subway at 462 Gen. Screven Way. The complainant referenced a report she had filed earlier regarding what appeared to be an injured cat in the neighborhood.
Later, she was checking her business page on Facebook and saw several posts accusing her of being a cat killer and harassing her about the cat. She took screenshots of the posts before deleting them and contacting the police.
Later, she was informed that the cat was unharmed.

Aug. 24
Home invasion/criminal trespassing — An officer was dispatched to a home in reference to a garage-door alarm.
The complainant informed the officer that her boyfriend had broken in, and everything was fine. The officer asked for permission to search the house and found the boyfriend hiding under some clothes in her closet. He was detained until the search was completed.
The complainant finally revealed that she was married and having an affair with the boyfriend, who became upset when she tried to break up with him.
The boyfriend did not wish to give a statement and asked to speak with an attorney. The complainant gave the boyfriend all of his belongings and his car was towed from the property, as he had been drinking and could not drive.

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