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Postcard from China: City update
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In an e-mail updating the Coastal Courier on the city of Hinesville’s trip to China, city spokeswoman Krystal Britton said officials have so far focused on educational and cultural exchanges with Hinesville’s sister city, Yichun. Local delegates will have a better grasp on potential business opportunities once they attend the Central China Expo, which opens today in Nanchang and ends Tuesday, Britton said.
“In the meantime, we spoke with leaders in Yichun and will work with some of their industry to see if they will consider expanding to Liberty County or if they may assist the industries we already have in Liberty County that do business in China,” she said. “We will also meet with about 18 businesses and industry leaders at the expo so there may be more opportunities.”
Britton said Hinesville signed an agreement to pursue educational exchanges with Yichun. Yichun officials have extended an invitation to Liberty County students and teachers to visit China and expressed a desire for Liberty County to host teachers from Yichun. Hinesville’s sister city seemed particularly interested in Savannah Technical College’s Liberty campus, she added.
“More discussion will take place on this topic because that’s where most of the interest lies,” Britton said. “The two cities also want to exchange art and culture through physical exhibits and visits.”
The spokeswoman also stressed that the city government’s role is to network and form working relationships and “ultimately the residents have to show an interest and do the work.”
“The people of Yichun already understand that concept and I’m amazed at what they have already accomplished. I hope our citizens will make those same steps,” Britton said.

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