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Preaching to the House
Pastor Tewana C. LeCounte of Midway Congregational United Church of Christ - photo by Submitted / Coastal Courier
When the Georgia House opens its Wednesday session, Pastor Tewana C. LeCounte of Midway Congregational United Church of Christ will start the day with a few words of faith.
LeCounte was recently invited by House Speaker Glenn Richardson (R-Hiram) to serve as a chaplain of the day, at the request of Rep. Al Williams (D-Midway).
"As you know, the Georgia House of Representatives begins each legislative day with brief inspirational remarks and prayer from one of our state's many great spiritual leaders," Richardson said in a letter to the pastor. "At the request of Rep. Al Williams, it is my privilege to invite you..."
LeCounte, the first female to serve as pastor in the Midway church's 136-year history, said she only has "10 to 15 minutes to keep it real and to inspire our political leaders." She plans to use it reminding lawmakers about the common good.
"Public theologians have to seize every opportunity that is afforded them to speak truth to power. We've deliberated and commiserated ad nauseam over social problems and their causes. We know the problems and causes already," she said. "Our communities now need us to 'keep it real' and to offer practical solutions. Diverse faith-communities, not only Christian churches, can be and should be utilized and mobilized in the public square to thwart violence and some level of crisis in the American village."
LeCounte's remarks will be included in the House's Book of Devotions prepared at the end of the legislative session.
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