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Alleged victim admits false report
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A Richmond Hill woman who claimed in December that she’d been carjacked, forced into the trunk of her car and kidnapped admitted earlier this week that her claims were untrue.
According to Richmond Hill Police Cpl. Susan Willis, Paige Williams entered into a negotiated plea Tuesday in Richmond Hill Municipal Court for disorderly conduct. She was sentenced to pay a fine of $1,000 and a year of probation, which was considered served when she paid the fine in full Tuesday.
Williams told police that she’d been abducted the night of Dec. 29 on Ponderosa Street off Hwy. 17 in Richmond Hill. She said a black man with a gray beard and a gun approached her while she was stopped at Arby’s restaurant, got in the passenger side of her car and forced her to drive south on Hwy. 17.
She said because she was screaming at the alleged suspect, she was placed in the trunk. The man then supposedly drove the car to the intersection of Freedman Grove Road and Dudley Road in Liberty County, where he was believed to have fled the scene.
On Tuesday, Williams told the court she’d been under “emotional duress for years,” and that she made up the story to cover up other events she was planning, Willis said. Williams apologized to the police department and other agencies that assisted in the investigation on the night of her false report.

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