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Area crime stats in line with nation
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The FBI released its preliminary, semiannual Uniform Crime Report on Monday and found that on a national level both violent crimes and property crimes have decreased in the past year; a 3.5 percent drop for violent crime and a 2.5 percent drop for property crime.
“[Liberty County statistics] are pretty consistent,” Chief Keith Moran with the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department said. “We don’t see that much fluctuation. Right now we’re maybe a little on the downside, maybe by 1 percent.”
According to the FBI, violent crimes include murder, forcible rape, robbery, and aggravated assault. Property crimes include burglary, Larceny-theft and motor vehicle theft.
“Violent crimes are down,” Moran said. “Property crime is seasonal, so we’re seeing more daytime burglaries right now. You typically see an increase during the summer and holiday season.”
Moran said one of the best things people can do to curb any spike in property crime is to get involved with watch programs like the Neighborhood Watch.
Also, in an effort to insure your belongings, Moran suggests recording serial numbers on valuables. This way, the police can track missing items and will in turn help identify those who stole them.
Because the county reports figures to the federal government on a monthly basis, specific yearly figures aren’t readily available according to Moran. The FBI, however, will be releasing a state-by-state and county-by-county breakdown in September.
Last year, Liberty County reported 51 violent crimes and 557 property crimes and the city of Hinesville reported 225 violent crimes and 2,055 property crimes.
STATS (in percentage change)
Violent Crime:  -3.5
Forcible Rape: -3.3
Robbery: -2.2
Aggravated Assault: -4.1
Property Crime: -2.5
Burglary: -.08
Larceny-theft -1.2
Motor vehicle theft:-12.6

Breakdown by region

Violent Crime:  -1.5
Forcible Rape:-4.7
Aggravated assault: - 1.8
Property Crime:  -.4
Burglary: +.6
Larceny theft: + .5
Motor Vehicle theft: -8.2
Arson: -3.2

Violent Crimes: -2.9
Property Crime: +1.7

Violent Crime: -6.0
Property Crime: -4.7

Violent Crime: -5.0
Property Crime: -6.1

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