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Area residents warned of scam
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Detective Tom Sollosi said a Long County woman was scammed out of $3,600 through a mail scam. The woman said she received notice from a product evaluation company that she could deposit a check if she evaluated products. The company also asked her to wire two payments totaling $3,600. The woman evaluated the products, deposited the check into her account and wired the $3,600, as instructed, but later was notified the check was no good. The wire payments were not covered and instead came from the woman’s own account.
“People don’t ever need to wire any money to anyone or any company unless they personally know who’s getting it,” Sollosi said. “Once that money is gone, we have no way of tracking it down. These crooks took this poor woman for $3,600. You figure if they send these scams out to 1,000 people and only 10 respond, they make $36,000 of tax-free money.”
The detective said that if anyone is approached about an investment deal that sounds too good to be true, it probably is. He also said that if anyone has any questions about a possible scam of any kind, they can call the sheriff’s office at 545-2118.

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