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Armed robbery at convenience store
Liberty County Sheriff's blotter for Nov. 17

Recent reports filed with the Liberty County Sheriff's office include:

Oct. 25
Obstructing or hindering law enforcement officers: A sheriff’s deputy was patrolling on Highway 196 when a vehicle approached him from the rear. As the deputy slowly increased his speed, the vehicle kept in pace with him, continuing to follow too closely. The deputy initiated a traffic stop after clocking the suspect at 74 mph.
The suspect informed the deputy that he was a law officer as well and knew the law. He requested to see an accuracy check of the radar, as well as the radar itself. The deputy complied with showing the accuracy check and said he had paced the car in his patrol vehicle.
The suspect refused to sign the citation. The deputy then initiated an arrest, but the suspect refused to get out of his vehicle. After multiple attempts to get the suspect out of the vehicle, the deputy pulled his Taser and advised the man he needed to exit the vehicle.
The man complied and was arrested, taken to jail and issued a citation for speeding.

Oct. 26
Obstructing or hindering law enforcement officers: An officer initiated a traffic stop in response to a speeding vehicle on Highway 196 and Mobley Road. Upon pulling over, the driver stepped out of his vehicle, acting as if he were about to run.
After the officer asked for his driver’s license, the driver said he did not have one because it was suspended. The driver then was placed under arrest for driving on a suspended license.
While searching the man, the officer detected a scent of alcohol. He asked the driver if he’d been drinking, and the driver said he had. The driver refused an Alco-Sensor test. After completing his search, the officer escorted the driver to his patrol car, but the man resisted getting in. The officer had to force the man to sit in the patrol car.
Afterward, a bag containing a green, leafy substance as well as a bottle of gin were found in the suspect’s vehicle.

Oct. 28
Burglary: An officer was dispatched to a residence on Live Oak Church Road in reference to a burglary (not in progress). The complainant said that when she returned home, a flat-screen TV and Playstation 3 were missing from the home.
Although both doors to the residence were secured when she returned home, she said the suspect must have entered through the rear, because it is easy to open while locked. No signs of forced entry were found.

Disorderly conduct: An officer was dispatched to a disturbance between people in two vehicles on Highway 84 in Hinesville. The complainant stated that she took her grandchildren to their mother’s motel. The complainant’s daughter-in-law, the children’s mother, became angry because the grandmother brought only four children instead of five.
Words were exchanged, and a man threw a bottle at the complainant’s vehicle. The man reportedly said, “We are coming to Long County … to take care of business.”
He also reportedly had a gun on his side when he made the statement. Upon investigation, the man confirmed that he did make the statement, but said he called 911 for a police escort.
Officers also verified that he had a gun in his glove box, and that he legally was authorized to own a firearm.

Oct. 29
Harassing phone calls: A complainant said she received a phone call from a man telling her to “leave his name out of her mouth or he would kill her.” He also reportedly said that he would not personally kill her, but would have someone else to do it.
The complainant reportedly had the phone set to speaker when the call came through, and a witness heard the conversation and verified the threats.

Oct. 30
Armed robbery: An officer was dispatched to a convenience store on Leroy Coffer Highway in reference to a robbery.
The complainant said he had been cleaning the store when the suspect entered the store and demanded money from the registers. The complainant said he gave him an estimated $1,500 between both registers.
He said the suspect then smashed the video recorder with a hammer before exiting the store on foot.
Shortly thereafter, a call was received from a residence on Leroy Coffer Highway, stating that a man matching the same description had forced his way into the home, then ran out toward some woods. The homeowner stated that the suspect left behind a pair of sunglasses and dropped a dollar bill on the floor.

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