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ATV stolen from shop
Liberty County Sheriff's blotter for Sept. 21

Recent reports filed with the Liberty County Sheriff's Office include:

Aug. 26
Driving while license withdrawn/speeding — A vehicle was stopped near Old Sunbury Road after the deputy clocked it going 51 mph in a 35 zone. The driver produced his New Jersey license but the deputy discovered it was suspended. The man was arrested.

Criminal trespass — A woman living in a remote area of the county said she heard several gun shots outside her Pulaski Drive home but didn’t think anything of it at first. She said she later noticed a small spider-web-like crack in her kitchen window. She walked outside and found what looked like a bullet hole in the house siding. She wanted to file a report because she rents the home and wanted documentation for the landlord.

Dog attack — A woman said she was walking her dog around Live Oak Road when her neighbor’s dog came running toward her and her poodle and bit her dog, causing injuries. The woman said she was walking her dog and noticed the dog had come free from his rope tie. She said she grabbed the rope and started to walk the loose dog back to his home to tie him up. The dog saw her poodle and bolted from her grasp and attacked her dog. She grabbed the rope and pulled the dog away from her poodle. She managed to take the dog back home and tie him up in his yard.
The deputy attempted to talk to the dog owner, but no one was home. He reported the poodle did have injuries, but most of the bleeding had stopped. The deputy referred the incident to Environmental Health.

Aug. 27
Unattended death — A woman called 911 when she heard her husband start to cough and later collapse on the floor. The woman said they were in bed when she heard her husband get up and walk toward the kitchen. The wife said she heard him coughing and got up to check on him. She said he was leaning on the kitchen counter and as she walked into the kitchen he collapsed on the floor. She immediately called for help. The woman said her husband was suffering from lung cancer, colon cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
 Verbal dispute — A woman wanting to bring her new boyfriend over to her former boyfriend’s house reported to deputies that the incident incited a harsh verbal argument. She said she didn’t understand the issue and asked the deputy to help calm her ex-boyfriend.

Assistance — Deputies went to assist Hinesville Police after the officer said he stopped a vehicle on a routine traffic stop and found the male driver had an outstanding arrest warrant with the county.  The deputy verified the information and the man was taken to Liberty jail.

Matter of record — A woman said her estranged husband had picked up her children from school and drove them to church without her permission. She said her son told her that their dad stopped at her house for a brief period where he disciplined the boy by hitting him in the buttocks with a wooden spoon. The deputy said the son had markings verifying the incident took place.

Verbal dispute — A woman said her husband threatened to harm himself. She also thought he was under the influence of serious drugs. The deputy talked to the man, who said he had taken acid and smoked meth and wanted to shoot himself in the head. He was taken to the hospital for evaluation.

Aug. 28
Burglary, second degree (felony) —The owner of Liberty Cycle called LCSO in reference to an ATV stolen from his shop’s fenced-in lot. He had not yet talked with the ATV’s owner to let him know about the missing vehicle and did not have the ATV’s serial number. He said he last saw that ATV on the lot Thursday, Aug. 28. On Friday, he said he saw the fence had been cut and the yellow Suzuki Z400 was missing. Another ATV was found outside the fence.

Aug. 30
Driving with a suspended license, speeding in excess of maximum limits — A Liberty County deputy stopped a Mississippi woman when radar detected that she was driving 89 mph in the 70 zone on I-95 near mile marker 72. The woman’s Mississippi driver’s license showed it had been suspended for failure to appear in court. There were three small children in the car she was driving. The deputy allowed a friend to meet them at the stop location, and once her license was checked, the friend was allowed to take custody of the children while the woman was arrested.

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