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Auto strikes restaurant, gas leak closes it
Elderly, disabled vet hits gas instead of brakes
capt d crash-001
A Hinesville Police officer checks the damage done to the rear of Capt. D's restaurant Monday evening.

An elderly, disabled vet, who had just placed his order at the drive-through at Capt D's in Hinesville, struck the building with his vehicle, closing the restaurant temporarily.
According to Hinesville Traffic Accident Investigator Richard Boucher, the 73-year-old man, who has a prosthetic right leg, was rounding the corner after placing his order and accidentally hit the gas pedal instead of the brake and clipped the rear of the building just inches where the main gas box is located.  
The man was not injured, but the front of his Dodge Caravan sustained heavy damage and had to be towed.
Firefighters detected gas leaking from gas lines and inside the restaurant, and closed it temporally until workers from Atlantic Gas Light could determine the source of the leak.
The elderly man’s order a Catfish Fest was later filled by an employee. It was unclear how long the eatery would be closed.

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