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Bank customer's demeanor draws police
Hinesville PD blotter for Aug. 22

Reports filed recently with the Hinesville Police Department include:

Suspicious acts — An officer was sent to Navy Federal Credit Union regarding threatening calls to their call center. There, he met with an assistant manager who said an account holder called the call center – located in Florida – and ended the call by saying he "should come and rob the bank."

A security specialist then told the officer the caller’s identity and said he was angry because he couldn’t draw his money using the ATM or debit card. A recording of the call showed the man said "whatta I got to do to get my money, I ought to go and rob that bank."

The officer then called the suspect, who lives in Ludowici and said he was "just mad because the bank is robbing him." The officer told the man he needed to withdraw his money from the bank and do it "in a calm and orderly manner. (The officer) also advised (the man) about vulgar, obscene or threatening language on the phone with the bank or call center."

The officer then documented the incident and left.

"A short time later (the officer) was again dispatched to the credit union because (the man) had called back and made more threats," the report said.

This time, the man called "cursing and yelling and when he was asked finally what they could to help him he told them they could all just die, then he hung up."

Fraudulent transaction — A Maryland woman reported Aug. 16 someone used her credit card to pay a traffic fine in Hinesville. The investigating officer learned the incident took place July 20 when a man tried to pay a $60 ticket he got on June 26 for "improper display of a license plate" by phone and his credit card was declined. A few minutes later, a woman who gave the court her name called up to pay the fine and gave police the Maryland woman’s credit card information.

Detectives are investigating.

Found contraband — An officer, pulling off-duty security work Aug. 13 at a convenience store on Highway 84, was handed a "clear sandwich baggie containing numerous dime sized zip lock baggies," a report said. "Inside, the baggies contained a white powder." The woman who gave the officer the bag said she found it on the ground outside the store and a laundromat and described two cars still parked nearby. Store video showed a man leave one of the vehicles and go inside, buy alcohol and come out. While the man was putting his wallet in his pocket the bag fell to the ground.

The man and two other people drove away, but came back about 15 minutes later and police were able to get the tag number and find its owner. The substance inside tested positive for cocaine, and there were 17 bags in all of the white powder.

The report said the investigation continues.

Battery — An officer working security at Liberty Regional Medical Center was summoned around 9:30 p.m. Aug. 14 by a nurse who said two men were fighting in a room. The officer responded and found a woman and her boyfriend in the room and her mother, stepfather and sister "on the other side of the floor."

Apparently, all of them were in the same room and visiting a patient when the mother called the boyfriend a name and he responded with "so are you," which the stepfather resented, so he pushed the boyfriend with "1 hand and then with 2 hands."

The boyfriend then "hugged (the stepfather) and slammed him to the ground and then to a wall," the report said. "During the struggle (the stepfather) bumped his head up against a wall, causing damage on the room wall."

What’s more, the boyfriend told the officer the mother "also scratched his right eye ball by placing her fingers into his eye. They were separated by 2 nurses."

The patient said she was in the bed the whole time.

The stepfather told a different story. He said he tried to walk out of the room but the boyfriend punched him in the face and the fight started. The mother also blamed the boyfriend for starting the fight.

The officer saw scratch marks under the boyfriend’s right eye and on both knees, which were bleeding. The stepfather had a scratch on his nose "and his shoulder appeared to be in pain." He went to the emergency room. The boyfriend left in his car.

Everyone was given a case number and told how to press charges.

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