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Bank teller makes off with $15,000
Hinesville PD blotter for Dec. 19

From Hinesville Police Department reports:

Theft: An internal investigator for Wells Fargo Bank called HPD Dec. 8 to report the bank’s Hinesville branch manager said a teller was taking money.

An audit showed that the teller "would credit a customer’s account and then reverses the transaction." The audit showed the woman "reversed 8 deposits between (Nov. 7 and Nov. 8) for a total of $15,651.83."

The woman didn’t show up for work on Nov. 9, the report noted. "Investigation continues," the report ended.

Attempted theft: An officer was sent around 4:30 a.m. Dec. 12 to a Walberg Drive address regarding an entering auto. There he talked to a man who said that while he was out walking he saw two men pulling on the door handles of two cars at that address.

"He stated that the males appeared to be teens and that both were wearing dark pants with hooded sweat shirts. The hoods covered their faces and both males were wearing backpacks," the report said. "(The complainant) asked them what they were doing and then proceeded to walk away. The two males started following him and when he turned around the two males approached him in an aggressive manner in which (he) responded by informing them that he had a gun and he drew his firearm and chambered a round. (He) said the two suspects quickly retreated by jumping the fence to an adjacent neighboring home."

The officer then met with the owner of the cars, and both were locked up and hadn’t been damaged.

Assault: A Smoke Rise condominium resident told police two men dressed in black kicked in his front door Wednesday afternoon and demanded money, then got into a fight with him and two other men inside the condo.

The man said he and his friends were playing a video game when he heard someone knock at the door. He went to the door and answered, and something about the two men at the door made him suspicious so he tried to shut the door. "At that point the subjects kicked or pushed the door in damaging the door jamb and entered the condo. He said they told him to ‘Give me your ----’ and when he said what, one of them said give me your money," the police report said. "

After one of the men appeared to be reaching for his weapon all five men got into a fight in the hallway. The man’s girlfriend, who had been upstairs, heard the ruckus and ran downstairs. The man said he told her to call the cops, and the two suspects ran outside.

The man gave police a description of the two men and what they were wearing. A search for the suspects came up empty, but the officer noted there were signs the door had been kicked in.

Found property: This one’s odd. A .22 caliber bullet is in the evidence room at HPD after it was found by a student under a desk at Bradwell Institute earlier this week. The report, dated Wednesday, said an officer was shown "a .22 cal. gold colored round nosed bullet. A standard .22 round. (A school employee) told me that during 3rd block she was informed that a bullet was found in room 425 by (a witness). I then spoke with (the witness) who told me that during third block, sometime between 1010 and about 1030, a student dropped his cell phone under a table in the corner of (the witness’s room) and when he retrieved his phone noticed a bullet in the far corner and notified (the witness)," the report said.

No one knows when the bullet was dropped or who dropped it.

Theft: A convenience store manager reported Wednesday two employees "took lottery tickets that totaled up to $700 while they working Monday afternoon."

The manager said she discovered the tickets were missing while taking inventory, so she reviewed store security cameras and "observed both women taking tickets throughout their shift and scratching them off at the counter. She also observed (one of the women) take a water cup near the fountain drink dispenser and fill it up with what she believed to be soda. (The manager) saw (the woman) take a cup of peanuts .... and eat them during her shift."

One of the employees was at the store and claimed the tickets were paid for, though she couldn’t explain why they hadn’t been "scanned," but admitted to taking the peanuts. The officer watched the security video and "observed (the employees) taking the tickets off their reels, scratching them, then placing them under the counter."

A copy of the video was taken for evidence.

Domestic: Police were sent a Glenn Bryan Road address around 4:30 p.m. regarding a domestic dispute between roommates, both women.

Complainant No. 1 said she’d been letting complainant No. 2 stay with her "under the conditions that she abide by house rules. When (complainant No. 2) started becoming disrespectful to her in her own house she confronted her about it."

That led complainant No. 2 to get in complainant No. 1’s face, the report said, so complainant No. 1 "walked (complainant No. 2) back to the bedroom in order to separate herself from her," the report continued. "(Complainant No. 1) stated she wanted to know how to get (complainant No. 2) evicted from the residence."

The officer notes complainant No. 1 was told how to apply for an eviction notice. He then asked complainant No. 1 if she had any injuries as a result of the confrontation.

"She stated (complainant No. 2) grabbed her on the arm on the spot where she gets dialysis. She advised the spot hurts due to the implant and does not know if (complainant No. 2) grabbed there intentionally."

Police then talked to complainant No. 2, who said "the whole altercation started due to her stating she did not want to go to church. She had just worked a long shift and has been taking care of her infant son. She asked (complainant No. 1) if she would give her a hug as an apology and (complainant No. 1) replied ‘No I will not hug you.’"

So, "(Complainant No. 2) then called a friend via cell phone and advised that (complainant No. 1) would not hug her," the report said.

That apparently angered complainant No. 1, who "started pushing (complainant No. 2) yelling ‘get out of my house,’" the report said. "She then knocked over the Christmas tree before being brought out of the room by family members."

Complainant No. 2 had a small scratch on her arm. She was asked if she had anywhere else to stay "so both parties could calm down," the report said. "She advised she had nowhere else to go and would stay in her room."

Both women were given case numbers and told how to get a copy of the report.

Shoplifting: You can’t make this stuff up. An officer conducting a "walk and talk" at Walmart on Dec. 12 was told of a shoplifting that had happened earlier in the day.

He was then shown video of a woman "wearing a shower cap, brown robe and pajama bottoms, pushing a shopping cart out of the grocery door at 0740 hours and loading the items inside a vehicle. The woman returned to the store and pushed another cart out the door with four items at 0748 hours. She loaded the items inside the same vehicle and left the area."

The officer was given photos of the woman and the vehicle, and three of the items she stole - two Razor bikes and a stand mixer - had serial numbers, so they were entered into GCIC.

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