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Booze ruins Thanksgiving dinners
Liberty County Sheriff's blotter for Dec. 17

Reports filed recently with the Liberty County Sheriff's Office include:

Nov. 27
Verbal dispute — Two women, both apparently under the influence of alcohol, had an argument and the homeowner called deputies to her Island Highway home to have the one woman escorted off her property Thanksgiving Day. The woman said her friend was too intoxicated to drive but was too belligerent to stay at her house for a moment longer. The visiting woman said she wouldn’t mind just going home to fall asleep but didn’t have the taxi-cab money.
One of the deputies offered her a courtesy ride home with no incident.

Verbal dispute — A woman said her drunk relative was ruining her Thanksgiving Day and wanted deputies to escort the man out of her McIver Road home. The officer asked the man if he wanted a courtesy ride home or to a friend’s house, and the man said he would and got in the patrol car.
While driving, the deputy asked him for an address and the man kept changing the house and street number. The man then started yelling at the deputy and talking about the riots in Ferguson. He also started cussing, so the deputy took him to jail.

Nov. 28
Matter of record — A man filed a complaint saying the management at the McDonalds on Montague Street should have to pay for damages caused to his motorhome.
The man said there was a huge pothole in the parking lot, and his motorhome and trailer got stuck in the pothole, requiring the services of a tow truck to pull him out.
Afterward, he checked his motorhome and found damage to his exhaust and rear bumper. The man said he feels the management is responsible for maintaining their parking-lot area and should therefore pay for his damages.

Nov. 29
Driving with suspended license or revoked/Obstructing or hindering law enforcement/defective equipment — A man and a woman were placed under arrest after deputies stopped the man’s Chevy Cavalier because it had a broken taillight. The officer spotted the car as it turned onto Arnell Drive from Talmadge Road in Walthourville. The deputy noticed three people in the car and asked all of them to produce IDs. The passenger gave the deputy his license, but the driver said he left his license at home. The female passenger in the back seat said she didn’t have her license, either. The driver gave the deputy his name and birthdate and admitted he didn’t have a license because it was suspended. The deputy asked to search the vehicle after his K-9 alerted him to possible drugs in the vehicle.
During the search, the deputy found the ID belonging to the female. It had a different name than the one she had provided him minutes earlier. When he questioned her about it she admitted she gave a false name because she has a warrant out for her arrest. The deputy also found what appeared to be marijuana in the vehicle during the search.
The driver was arrested for driving with a suspended license. The woman was taken in for her warrant. No information was provided about the other male passenger.

Driving with suspended license or revoked — A driver was arrested and booked for driving with a suspended license after the deputy ran a vehicle check on the man’s tag while riding down Dunlevie Road. The deputy stopped the car in the parking lot of the Clyde’s gas station and spoke to the driver. He gave the deputy his Georgia ID, but the deputy explained that his license is suspended because he failed to appear in court as required. He was taken to jail for booking. The car was left to his mother to drive home.

Nov. 30
Theft by taking — A man said his female roommate stole his truck while he was in the shower. The man called the deputies to report that he didn’t know where she had taken his truck or when she might return. He was upset she took the truck because she was drinking before taking the vehicle. He said the girl wanted to go see some guy in Ludowici but he hid his truck keys and went to take a shower. When he got out of the shower, the girl and his truck were gone.

Dec. 1
Public drunkenness — A 46-year old Midway resident was arrested for public drunkenness after complaints that he was harassing women in a store parking lot with “cat calls.”
Prior to his arrest, the man had been warned by the deputy that there were complaints about him. He told the deputy he was going home. However, he continued to harass women, and when the deputy received another complaint, he told the man to show his identification. He initially refused, saying again he was going home and that he wasn’t doing anything wrong. He was advised that public drunkenness was against the law. The man produced a work ID.
When he was asked if he was in possession of any weapons or contraband, the man raised his fist at the officer. After he was transported to the jail, the man told the jail administrator that the deputy had hit him in the head. No injuries were found. The man then complained of other injuries.
When an officer attempted to frisk him, he became combative and had to be restrained in the chair.

Dec. 5
Possession of Marijuana, less than 1 ounce; Possession and use of drug-related objects — A 20-year-old Hinesville man and 18-year-old Hinesville woman were arrested on Shaw Road and charged with drug possession. Their vehicle was stopped as the deputy observed the vehicle driving well below the speed limit and yet weaving from one side of the lane to the other. The driver and passenger said they were not having a medical emergency and denied having been drinking.
The deputy informed them his partner and K-9 drug dog were going to take a “free-air sniff,” and detected the presence of narcotics in the vehicle. They admitted there was “smoking device” and a small amount of marijuana in the vehicle. These were confiscated and the two were issued citations.

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