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Daughter tries to fight ex at mom's house
Hinesville PD blotter for March 8

From Hinesville Police Department reports:

Criminal trespass: Police were sent March 1 to a Clyde’s on E.G. Miles regarding a disturbance in which a man broke a cash register.

Police found the man and took him back to the convenience store, where the manager said the man was harassing customers by begging for money. The manager told police she went out to tell him to leave and, when he refused, she went back inside to call police.

“(Victim) advised as she was on the phone (the suspect) entered the store, called her a (rhymes with witch), stated that he would slap her and hit her cash register, causing the register to break apart. (She) advised (the suspect) then left on foot.”

A witness said much the same, and there also was video of the incident. The man was arrested.

Criminal trespass: A man went to HPD on March 1 to report damage to his tires. The guy said that on Feb. 20 he was leaving his friend’s home when he noticed “he was driving on flat tires,” the report said, “and once he left Hinesville, he started smelling rubber burning.”

The man took photos of the “low profile” tires, which showed inch-long slits in the sidewalls near the rims.

“I asked him if he hit anything (a pothole, or any bumps in the road,” the officer wrote. “But he is adamant that someone sliced his tires. I also asked if his tires were dry rotting since there was a rust color on the tires. He stated that was from driving on the flat tires.”

The man then told the officer one tire wasn’t flat, and it “had an attempt mark as if someone was going to slit it.”

The officer asked the man “if he knew anyone who would slice his tires and he stated he does not get involved with drama.”

The man got a case number.

Criminal trespass, disorderly conduct: This report from March 2 actually has the header, “Daughter coming to her mother house to fight.”
An officer was sent to a South Main address where a mother said her daughter “has been coming to her house to fight her (the daughter’s) ex-boyfriend. (The mother) said that she was not at home on Tuesday when her daughter came to her house with her new boyfriend trying to fight her ex-boyfriend. (The mother) stated that (her daughter’s) ex-boyfriend was just visiting her home to see his two children that now stay in her residence.”

The woman then told the officer her daughter doesn’t live at the home and had been told to stay away. The woman said she was afraid her daughter would come back and hurt her disabled son. The officer explained temporary restraining orders to the woman and how to get a report.

Simple assault: An officer was sent to the Lowe’s parking lot around 12:30 p.m. regarding “a physical altercation.” There, he spoke with a woman and man who said the man’s wife punched the woman “on her right eye and grabbed her hair in the parking lot. (The husband) pulled his wife off (the woman) and the wife drove away from the location. (The woman) did not have any visible injuries and did not request EMS.”

As for motive: “(The husband) said he still lives with his wife and put in the paperwork for a divorce at the beginning of the year. (He) said he was with (the woman who got punched) today, loading some merchandise in the trunk of her car when his wife drove up, got out of the car and punched (the woman). (The husband) said he has had a relationship with (the woman who got punched) for the last 14 years and his wife has been aware of it the whole time.”

The officer didn’t talk to the wife. The woman who got punched was told how to get a warrant.

Vicious animal, leash law violation: It’s getting so you can’t even sit on your porch and drink a beer anymore. A Sequoia Circle man called police March 2 when his neighbor’s pit bulls came over and bit him.

“(The victim) stated he came outside to sit on his front porch and drink a beer,” the report said. “He stated the neighbor’s two dogs came from around the sides of his residence. He stated the black pit bull came around from one side of his house and the brown pit bull came from the other side. (He) stated the black pit bull tried to bite his leg. The dog bit at him, tearing his left sock. He stated the brown pit bull then tried to bite his left hand. He stated both dogs just grazed his skin with their teeth. He stated when the dogs tried to bite him he swung the beer bottle at the dogs to keep them back. He rang the doorbell and waited for his wife to open the door. He stated he went inside and the dogs stayed on his front porch for several minutes before leaving. He stated he then called 911.”

The man told police his wife went outside and spoke to the dogs’ owner, who left when she learned the police had been called. The officer had no luck finding her, but citations are pending, the report said.

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