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Daytime break-ins up
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A jump in the number of daytime home burglaries last weekend across Liberty County has prompted authorities to warn residents to be vigilant.
Liberty County Chief Deputy Keith Moran said roughly eight incidents involving property crime throughout the county were reported last weekend. All were in broad daylight.
“They are taking flat screen TVs, Gameboys, iPods and laptop computers,” Moran said. “We look for patterns and we look for statistics and in virtually every one of them the front door was kicked in or the trailer door was pried open.”
He said they suspect the burglars are hauling the stolen items away in vehicles. He said with the Fourth of July upon us, neighbors and friends, especially those planning to be away for the weekend, should be vigilant and report suspicious activities.
“We are asking everyone in their neighborhoods to be alert to possible strangers and who is coming and going in and out of their neighborhood,” Moran said. “If they see vehicles that are suspicious looking, by all means call them in. Ask your neighbors to keep a watch out for your house.”
Moran said folks should record the serial numbers of their valuable items and keep the list somewhere safe.
“Out of the eight crimes reported only one person had one serial number,” Moran said. “The serial numbers are the best lead that we can have when recovering this property or giving us a chance to catch an of fender.”
The National Crime Prevention Council recommends photographing items and listing the serial numbers on the back. Photograph jewelry and other items without serial numbers and save the photo with a brief description and value of the item. The council recommends keeping a printed list hidden in case your computer is among the items taken.
To report suspicious activities call 9-1-1.
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