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Despite setbacks Long 911 progressing
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    LUDOWICI -- Despite the chief architect dying and the Wiregrass Communication Center being destroyed, both happening within days of each other in May, the E-911 plan for Long County still continues on.
    At the July 23rd Long County E-911 Committee Meeting, it was reported by McIntosh County Manager, Luther Smart, that he had established communication with one architectural firm, and had contacted two others.  The discussion was regarding the possibility of a new firm taking over the planning of the rebuilding of a new communication center in Darien.
    According to Smart, after dialogue with the insurance company which insured the previous center, it was established that the funds would be paid for ìreplacement valueî on the building.  In addition to this, he said that after discussing the matter with GEMA and FEMA, there probably would be additional funding available to upgrade the proposed center to the standards of a reinforced building, to withstand winds of up to 200 mph.
     Smart said, with this in mind the new Wiregrass Communication Center could also be established as a possible emergency operations center.
     Regarding the center, Smart said that the next steps would involve selecting an architect and then getting the final design for the new center.  The county manager said that he hoped to have an architect chosen within six weeks.
     The new center is scheduled to be built on the same site as the previous building.
     Regarding addressing, it was reported that initial notifications had been sent to both McIntosh and Long County by GeoComm.  The match rate for accurate addressing information in McIntosh County was around 96% and in Long County the rate was in excess of 98%.
     On the issue of a Geographic Information System (GIS) for Long County, it was decided that further discussion between GeoCommís Jeff Nikolaison, and the county would be established in deciding what equipment would be needed.
     The next meeting was scheduled for August 20th at 3:00 PM at the Long County Courthouse.

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