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Domestic disputes get physical
Liberty County Sheriff's blotter for Aug. 12
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Recent crime reports filed with the Liberty County Sheriff's office include:

July 26
Simple battery — A woman and a man searched for her missing dog. The previous day, the man took her dog to a park, and it ran away. She went to the park and immediately found the dog. They got into an argument, and the woman shoved the man away from her. He then struck her right ear with a closed fist. She dialed 911, and he left the area. While responding to the incident, an officer saw the man driving down the road. He was stopped and escorted back to the scene where the incident occurred. The man said the woman shoved him and he shoved her back, then left. There were no signs of injury on either person.

Verbal dispute — Officers were dispatched to Deer Trail in response to a physical, domestic call. One officer made contact with the boyfriend and the other made contact with the girlfriend, found walking down Myrtle Drive. The boyfriend said he and his girlfriend were having problems in their relationship. The previous night, he dropped her off in Savannah and told her he was tired of her problems and didn’t want to have a relationship with her anymore. When he returned home the next day, he found the woman inside his residence cleaning, and she appeared to be unpacking some of her belongings. He told her to leave and that she couldn’t stay with him anymore. She started yelling at him. He asked her to leave and said he would call the police if she didn’t go. The officer asked if there was any physical contact during the argument; the boyfriend said no. The officer noted scrapes on his face from a previous altercation.

The girlfriend was brought back to the man’s residence by another officer. She told the same story about the argument, but said her boyfriend pushed her face with an open hand. She also had old wounds on her from an earlier altercation with him. The officer didn’t notice any new wounds, and neither complained of having injuries that day. The woman was willing to gather some belongings and leave the residence to avoid another argument.

Marijuana possession less than 1 ounce, driving without a valid license, weaving over roadway — An officer pulled over a driver who was weaving on the road. The driver said, “Let me be honest. I don’t have a license. Please don’t arrest me. I’m going to work at Target.” The driver was reaching into the center console when the officer ordered him to stop reaching where he couldn’t see. The driver cupped his right hand and brought it to his right side. He was ordered out of the car and handcuffed. Another deputy at the scene found a small bag of a green, leafy substance that was dropped by the driver and kicked under the car. The driver was taken to jail, and his car was towed.

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