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Electronics targeted in home burglaries

Recent reports filed with the Hinesville Police Department include:

Dec. 9
Burglary/forced entry —  A residence at Silver Manor Apartments was burglarized. Officers determined that the burglar entered through the wooden back door, which had been previously damaged. The complainant reported a Playstation and Wii system as stolen, and officers also noted three fist-sized holes in the hallway wall.

Burglary/forced entry — Officers responded to a burglary at an apartment at 401 Barry McCaffrey Boulevard. The complainant reported that he came home to find his sliding-glass door broken and his dog shut in the bathroom. He reported a Playstation 3, several games and other miscellaneous items as missing. The total value of all stolen goods was $699. HPD also found a damaged window screen with footprints leading to the woods, where four-wheeler tracks appeared to continue north into the woods. A masonry block also was found in front of the broken glass door.

Burglary/forced entry — A woman reported that her Berkshire Terrace apartment had been burglarized. She said she came home to find the rear sliding-glass door open, and that she had shut and locked all doors and windows prior to leaving earlier in the day. She reported numerous items had been moved and some were missing, including an iPod, a tablet and a sum of cash. The total value of missing items was $640.

Dec. 10
Shoplifting — Officers responded to a report of shoplifting at the Family Dollar store on Highway 196. The complainant said that a car had parked in front of the store and three men and two women got out of the car and entered the store. She said that the two women made a purchase, but none of the others in the group bought anything. As the five individuals departed the store, the scanning device alerted as one of the men went through it. She said she asked him to empty his pockets, which he did, and a USB cord and AC adapter marked with Family Dollar labels fell out. The other members of the group left the scene, and the man stayed until police arrived.

Theft by taking — A man reported his military rucksack and duffle bag as stolen. He said he had left the items unsecured in the bed of a rental pickup he was driving, and in the morning when he returned to the vehicle, the items were gone.

Burglary, no forced entry — HPD responded to a burglary on Kelly Drive. The complainant said that upon his return to the residence, he found his back door open. He checked the residence and found that two cellphones, a tablet and a watch were all missing. No signs of forced entry were found.

Burglary — A man reported his Frasier Circle residence had been burglarized. He said that he came home from work and began to make tea, and did not notice anything out of order until he went into the living room. There, he saw that his bedroom closet doors were open. Upon inspection, he found his gun case missing. No signs of forced entry were found. The stolen weapon was a .22-caliber pistol.

Criminal damage to property — The owner of a Memorial Drive salon reported that her car tires had been slashed. She told police she had recently been involved in a relationship that ended bitterly, and her ex-boyfriend had been in the salon that day getting a haircut. She said a customer who arrived after the man had left told her that her tires were flat. HPD contacted the ex-boyfriend, who denied slashing the tires and said he was in Savannah at the time of the incident.

Dec. 11
Burglary, forced entry — HPD responded to a burglary at an Ashmore Street apartment. The complainant said that when she arrived home from work, she saw her front door open and noticed damage to the door and door frame. She said several items were missing from the apartment, including a 60-inch smart TV, a Playstation 4, a Playstation 3, a laptop, four PS3 games and four PS4 games, and an external hard drive. She said her closets had been rummaged through, but no other items appeared to be missing.

Shoplifting — Officers responded to a report of shoplifting at the Family Dollar on E.G. Miles Parkway. The complainant said that two women tried to leave the store with items inside a purse. As they attempted to leave the store, the sensor alarm was activated, and the employee asked the women permission to search the purse. The women consented. The employee then found the stolen items, and the women left the store as he was calling 911. HPD was unable to locate the suspects in the immediate area.

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