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Families spend time together in jail
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Last week, two Long County families put a new twist on the old adage “a family that plays together stays together.” There wasn’t much playing involved but, due to some bad judgments, the families did end up staying together — in the Ludowici jail.
On July 11 at around 9:40 a.m., inmate John Mallette’s sister-in-law, Tina L. Hatter, 27, came to visit him.
According to LPD Investigator Sal Genualdi, when they were visiting in a fenced area behind the jail, Hatter threw a small package over the fence to Mallette, unaware the area was under video surveillance.
After viewing the exchange, officers got the package and found the pain killer Clonazepam.
Hatter was charged with possession with the intent to distribute a schdeule-4 drug and delivering a controlled substance to an inmate. She was then jailed with her brother-in-law.
Mallette, who is serving time for burglary and a bond violation, also was charged with possession of a controlled substance.
During another “family affair” on July 13 at around 6 a.m., an LPD officer arrested Daniel C. Dortlon of Statesboro for shoplifting a package of Tums antacid tablets from a convenience store.
As the officer was making the arrest, he gathered information from Dortlon’s friend, Jerry Glenn Brown Jr., who was visiting his friend from South Carolina.  
According to Genualdi, the officer found out Brown had a suspended driver’s license. As the officer put Dortlon in the back of his patrol car, Brown got into the vehicle the men had been in and tried to drive away. The officer pulled Brown over again and arrested him for operating a vehicle with a suspended license.
Genualdi said there also was a dog in the car, which belongs to Brown’s daughter, who also lives in South Carolina. The dog was taken to the LPD office and kept until Brown’s daughter, Angel Caiola, 29, came to claim him.
As Caiola left Ludowici, she was pulled over by a Georgia State Patrol trooper for a operating a vehicle with a cracked windshield and for not wearing a seat belt. When the officer ran a check on Caiola, he discovered she had a suspended license in two states. She too was taken to the jail where she later was bonded out, as was her father.
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