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Fire dampens birthday party
Liberty Regional EMS has six ambulances in Liberty County and two in Long providing emergency medical services and advance life support for the community 24 hours a day. Liberty EMS also provides preventative care through its community education programs and has a full time EMS educator. - photo by Phgoto by Patty Leon
A Riceboro homeowner received an unwelcome surprise for her birthday Thursday — a small grease fire.
Although the fire was extinguished quickly, the family’s stove was destroyed.
According to relative Lillie Stewart, the fire was at the home of Cutina Jones on Shell Road and started on the stove.
While Jones tried to put out the flames with towels and dishrags, another family member sought help.
“My niece came running over to my house and said my house is on fire,” Stewart said.
She ran to the house and saw some of the rags and towels had caught fire and had been thrown on the carpet.
“I ran in there and grabbed the burning towels and rags and brought them outside so the fire would not spread,” she said.
Within minutes of receiving the call, Riceboro volunteer firefighters Jennifer and Tom Rodefer arrived with the firetruck, followed by Assistant Chief Earl McGinley and Capt. Dennis Fitzgerald.
Tom Rodefer went inside the home and asked Jones to step out for her safety, and then he proceeded to extinguish the remaining flames.
The stove, which was destroyed, was taken out of the house and an inspection was done to ensure the home was safe for the family to re-enter.
Outside, Jennifer Rodefer treated Jones with oxygen. When Liberty EMS arrived, they continued treating Jones for smoke inhalation.
While recovering from her ordeal, Jones’ family and friends began to gather, noting they were grateful no one was injured and damage wasn’t worse.
Realizing what day it was they wished Jones a happy birthday.
Jones shares the house with her 10-year-old daughter, Tianna Stewart, and her brother, Errol.
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