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Good Samaritan, or pool poisoner?
Liberty County Sheriff's blotter for June 22

Recent reports filed at the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office include:

May 11
Pointing or aiming a gun or pistol at another — A man allegedly brandished a gun at his son’s former girlfriend as she was trying to gather her belongings and move out of the Wye Road home she shared with her ex. The woman said the father started arguing with her, and during the confrontation, he pulled out a gun and pointed it at her. The dad denied he had a gun, and the son said the gun was at another location or in the car.
For safety purposes, the deputy patted down the men and asked the father and son to leave the home while the woman grabbed her stuff and moved out.

Criminal trespass — A man reported that he stepped into his backyard and saw that his pool water looked pink. He said he checked his security camera and noticed that his neighbor had entered his yard. The video showed his neighbor pouring something into the pool. The neighbor denies he poured anything and said he was in the yard because he saw a kitten in the pool that needed rescuing. Police advised the neighbor to stay out of the yard and only enter the property when he had permission from the homeowner.

May 12
Criminal trespass — An Oak Hampton resident scared off two potential thieves when a loud banging noise alerted her that something was occurring at the residence. Fearing her injured mother had possibly fallen, the woman rushed downstairs and came face to face with a man standing in her foyer and a second man attempting to come in the door. When spotted, both men turned to run. The woman managed to give deputies a brief description of the one male in the foyer. The woman said she called 911 immediately and checked in on her mother. Neighbors said they’ve been more vigilant due to a recent rash of break-ins and gave deputies the description of a car and two males who were seen in the area of few days earlier and are suspected of another break in nearby.

Damage to vehicle —  A man was traveling north on Highway 405 when he struck debris on the road, causing damage to the front passenger side of his car. The man said when he saw the debris, he didn’t have time to move out of the way to avoid it.

Matter of record — A woman made her son do 50 push-ups when he refused to clean his room or the house as directed. The son started doing the push-ups but soon got tired and stopped. The mother threatened to further punish him, so he got up and left the house. Deputies phoned the son’s father in Illinois. He said his son doesn’t want to live with his mother anymore, and once school is over the boy would be coming up to live with him. The deputy asked the mom and son to get along until school ends and he leaves the house permanently.

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