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Harassing phone calls to elderly woman
Liberty Co. Sheriffs blotters

Feb. 8 : DUI/Speeding/Possession of open container — A Long County man was clocked doing 90 mph in a 55 zone and was pulled over next to Ward’s Auto Body Shop off Highway 84.
When the deputy went to speak with the driver, he noticed an open plastic container with liquid in it and a strong odor of alcohol. He asked the driver to step out of the car and found the man to be unsteady on his feet. The deputy conduct a sobriety test, which the driver failed. The open drink turned out to be alcohol. The driver blew a .124 and .128 during breath tests.

Matter of record — A man was taken to the hospital after his bizarre behavior alerted police and medical personnel. Deputies received a call from a man at Circle Road saying he was holding home invaders at gunpoint and needed the police to come and arrest them. When police arrived, they asked the man to put down his gun and step outside to safety so the police could take over. Police checked the whole house, but found it empty.
The man was adamant that he was holding individuals in the house and that some of them were coming out of nowhere and walking on the ceiling. Fearing the man was in the early stages of dementia, they called medical personnel. They confirmed something was wrong, and the man agreed to be seen at the hospital.
Deputies had visited the man’s house the day before after he said someone came into his house through a locked window, carrying a plate with a dead duck on it. The man also had fired his gun into the air to scare off people he said were in his house, but deputies could not see.
The man gave up his gun to police, but said he wasn’t going to give up his other rifles. Calls to his daughter in California and son in North Carolina went unanswered.

Feb. 9
Accidental damage to property — A deputy responded to a call of a fight in progress at the Lake View Mobile Home Park in Allenhurst. When he arrived, the woman said they were not fighting just being loud. Her boyfriend went to throw a beer bottle into the lake, but the bottle slipped out of his hand and instead broke her car window. She said he agreed to pay for the damage.
The man agreed he would take care of fixing the window.
The deputy wrote up a report for the woman, saying she would have a record of the incident in case he tried to avoid fixing the damage.

Feb. 10
Harassing phone calls — An elderly woman reported she was receiving calls from an unknown number, in which the caller spoke about coming over for sexual favors. The woman said the voice sounded like it was from a juvenile.
Deputies showed her how to block the number.

Feb. 11
Matter of record — A mother complained that her daughter had thrown away all of her prescription medicines for no reason. The mom said her husband found the pills in the trash. She said she wanted to file the report to have a record of the incident in case her daughter does it again.
Theft by taking — The loss-prevention officer of the Target Distribution Center on Old Sunbury Road reported that a man had stolen an iPad.
The officer said the same man had stolen from them before in December, and both incidents were caught on video tape. When deputies questioned the man, he admitted he had taken property and given away a previous iPad he stole to a friend as a Christmas gift.
The deputy contacted the woman he had given the iPad to and advised her she would have to return the item.

Damage to property — A woman reported that she unintentionally hit a dog on Limerick Road. She said she swerved to the right after a car, coming in the opposite direction, veered into her lane. She said as soon as she swerved right, she noticed the dog on the side of the road but it was too late and she hit it. She said the dog went under her car and damaged the plastic undercarriage.
The woman said the dog’s owners came running toward her car, yelling and trying to bang on her windows and remove the tag.
The deputy spoke with the dog owners, who reported they thought the lady intentionally swerved toward her dog to hit it. The owners were cited for violating the leash law. No word on the dog’s condition.

Driving without a valid license/speeding — A man was arrested after he was clocked going 75 mph in a 55 zone. The man was able to produce only a Mexican ID and did not have a valid driver’s license.

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