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Hinesville PD blotter for July 30

Recent reports filed with the Hinesville Police department included:

July 15
Entering auto — On Augusta Way in Hinesville, an officer asked residents of the area if they had seen or heard anything about an auto theft that took place on that street. One man said he had not seen or heard anything, and the officer told him to make sure his doors were locked.
The officer left, but the man came back to inform the officer that his two cars had been unlocked and entered. His glove boxes and center consoles were opened, and his belongings were spread around the inside. However, nothing appeared missing.

July 16
Disorderly conduct — An officer went to GATA’s because someone was causing a disturbance inside. A man walked into the restaurant demanding to speak to whoever was in charge. He was using profanities and banging his hand on the bar counter.
The manager came to talk to the man, but the man accused the manager of owing money to one of the offender’s friends. However, the manager had no idea who he or his friend was. The officer detained the man at Burger King, and he was told that he was not allowed back at GATA’s.

Criminal damage to property, reckless conduct — Several officers were at Kroger helping customers and employees evacuate after someone drove his car through the store’s front entrance.
An officer talked to the employee who communicated with the driver. The driver asked him if he was an employee, to which he replied yes. The man then told him that he needed to have everyone evacuate. The employee asked why, but the driver walked away. The employee told another employee to call 911 because he was scared something bad was going to happen. Shortly after that, the man drove his car through Kroger.
Witnesses pulled the man from the car and restrained him until officers were on scene to take him into custody. No one was injured, including the offender. Apparently, the man was told by Kroger earlier that day not to come back to the store. Officers did tests on the man to see if he was under the influence of any drugs or alcohol, but the results were negative.

July 17
Verbal dispute — Two officers went to a residence because of a verbal dispute.
The complainant said she was renting the house and temporarily allowed her son and niece to stay there. Both the son and niece were fighting. The son said he was on parole and would not jeopardize that by starting a fight. He was making burgers when his cousin got in his face and yelled at him.
However, the complainant’s niece said that she was studying for a test when she overheard her cousin talking about her and said that she could not take it anymore. That’s when she came out of the room and yelled at him.
The niece left, and the two were told not to talk to each other that night.

Theft of automobile — Someone walked into the Hinesville Police Department because her vehicle was stolen.
The complainant said her roommate took her car without her permission. She last saw her black Nissan earlier that afternoon. She received a text message from her roommate saying that she was taking the car to South Carolina to visit her husband in jail.
An officer later called the complainant’s roommate, and she said that the complainant had relinquished all responsibilities of the vehicle to her in a notarized form. The officer told her that only a bank can turn the car over to her, and the complainant can report it stolen because the car is in her name. He told her to call the complainant.

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