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Hinesville PD blotter for June 18
crime scene

Recent reports filed withe Hinesville Police Department included:

May 26
Burglary, no forced entry, residence — At 1:30 p.m., an officer went to Ridgeland Drive in Hinesville in reference to a burglary. The complainant and her family left the house the night before to stay in a hotel. When leaving, she pushed a couch up against the front door, as she was unable to lock it due to a past burglary. The back door was locked. She came home at noon the next day to find her couch not blocking the front door and items from her dresser spread out on her bed. An $800 pair of earrings and two $12 necklaces were missing.

May 27
Burglary, unlawful entry — An officer went to West Court Street in Hinesville to investigate an alleged burglary. Two alleged victims said they left their residence at 4:45 a.m. with their front door secured. They returned home at 6:15 p.m. and saw that body armor, several medication bottles and a Playstation 3 were stolen. There were no signs of footprints, fingerprints or forced entry, but the officer said the offender could have used a credit card to get through the front door.
Entering an auto — At 2:45 p.m., an officer went to Waterfield Drive in Hinesville. The complainant said she left her purse in her locked car the night before. When she went to her car the next day, the doors were unlocked and her purse was gone. Along with her purse, her Coach wallet, a pearl necklace and different ID cards were missing.

May 28
Suspicious person — An officer was dispatched to Timber Ridge Trail for an anonymous complaint of a young man hanging around the area. The officer made contact with the young man, who seemed slow and not sure of his answers. He said he was there to watch the roofing crew but didn’t know his home address, telephone number or his parents’ names. He said he was 17. The young man gave him an address he thought he lived at, but it turned out that he doesn’t.
An officer got information from Bradwell Institute, where the young man attended school last year. The officer drove the young man to his house and talked with his mother. She said she reported him missing to the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office, but was told they couldn’t do anything because of his age. The officer told the mother that he had concerns of the young man’s mental well-being, but the mother said that he is only slow in reading because he chooses not to do his schoolwork. Dispatch reported that the young man has left his residence without permission seven times this year.
Dispatch also reported that the young man left again 30 minutes after the officer left the residence.

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