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Hinesville PD blotter for June 3
crime scene

Here are some recently reports filed by officers with the Hinesville Police  Department:

May 16
Shoplifting — At 4:30 p.m., an officer arrived at Walmart in reference to a shoplifter. The officer spoke with an employee who said that he saw a woman walking around the store with a bag. The bag contained purchased items, but she was placing items she did not buy in the bag. She tried to leave, but was detained. The bag contained six pieces of clothing valued at $56.
Suicide attempt — An officer was dispatched to Martin Street in reference to a man who had taken several pills. The man reported to have taken 15 sleeping pills with intent of harming himself. EMS arrived and took the man to Liberty Regional Medical Center.
Disorderly conduct — An officer was sent to Baytree Apartments in reference to a disturbance. The complainant said a 7-year-old boy threw an object at her and called her a racial slur. The complainant confronted the child and spoke with his mother, but this turned into a fight. A neighbor separated them. The complainant had scrapes on her wrist.
May 17
Theft by shoplifting — At 12:45 p.m., an officer arrived at the Walmart in reference to a shoplifter. An employee saw a woman place several items into a stroller. She paid for some items and then put items she did not buy into the bags. When the officer asked her if this was true, she replied, “Yes, I was stupid and took stuff.” The allegedly stolen goods were  food items.
May 18
Shoplifting, possession of marijuana — A Walmart employee saw a man put items in his pants and try to leave. The item stolen was an Xbox 360 hard drive, valued at $129. The officer searched the man and found suspected marijuana in his pocket. He was taken to jail.
Simple battery, criminal trespass — Two officers were sent to Liberty Manor Court in reference to a domestic problem. A man complained that a woman came to his apartment, even though she was not welcome. Once he realized who it was, he refused to open the door. She tried forcing her way inside to see who else was there. He managed to keep her out and thought she had left, but she came back and he went outside to talk to her. When he went back inside, the woman again tried forcing her way in. He called 911. The woman saw another woman there, so she hit and scratched the complainant. When he told her he was calling 911, she ran out the back door.
May 19
Simple battery — An officer was called to a gas station to a domestic dispute. The complainant, who was in the parking lot, said she was at her house with her boyfriend, drinking, when they began arguing about the criminal-justice system. She said he put her laptop on the floor and stepped on it. He threatened to throw her cellphone in a swamp. She said she tried to leave, but he began choking her. Eventually, she was able to get away. There was a mark on her neck, which appeared to be a hickey. Later, the boyfriend said it was a hickey.

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