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Hinesville PD blotter for May 23
crime scene

Here are some of the recent reports made by Hinesville Police officers:

April 5
• Theft by taking — Two females dressed like males with painted-on eyebrows reportedly pulled off a “dine and dash” at the Huddle House on Oglethorpe Highway. The waitress said the two diners ordered and ate chicken-finger and cheeseburger meals and left without paying the $12 tab.

• City-code violation — An officer found improperly placed signs strewn throughout the area of Oglethorpe Highway and removed them due to city-code violations. The signs were advertising psychic readings.

• Disorderly conduct/simple battery — An argument that started in the automotive-parts department at a local car dealership escalated in a manager’s office and required police intervention.
A husband and wife complained to police that the saleswoman in the parts department was rude and twice hung up during phone conversations with the husband. The husband said he was trying to check on a part he ordered. After being hung up on, the husband and wife drove to the dealership and had a verbal encounter with the saleswoman.
The wife said she went into the manager’s office to complain, but the manager was unwilling to discipline his employee or be helpful in the matter. The wife said she exchanged words with the manager. When she began to walk away, he cursed at her. She said she turned around to go back into the manager’s office but was grabbed by another employee and blocked from re-entering. The husband then went to confront the employee for grabbing his wife.
The saleswoman said the two customers came in and were loud and complained using profane language toward her. She said the wife stormed into the manager’s office and started yelling profanities before walking out of the office. The saleswoman said the wife suddenly turned around and headed back toward the manager’s office as if she was going to assault the manager. When another employee intervened and stopped the woman, the husband allegedly verbally attacked the employee for grabbing his wife.

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