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Hinesville PD blotter for Nov. 25
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Oct. 28: Burglary, forced entry —A Zachary Court resident returned home to find her front door kicked in and about $2,200 in televisions, gaming machines, an iPad and fire safe taken.
A neighbor’s security camera showed a white four-door sedan backing into the driveway about two hours after she left and an hour before she returned home.
The camera’s footage showed the car leaving half an hour later. The same car is seen driving in the cul-de-sac twice, shortly after the woman left her home that morning.

Nov. 1
Disorderly conduct/Disruption of a public school —Two Ombudsmen School students were preparing to fight and had started to yell at each other inside a classroom. The teacher reported he asked the students to sit down and behave, but they failed to listen and both students just left the building. The teacher told the officers the students would not be allowed to return and the school would handle the matter through the board of education.

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