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Hinesville Police Blotter April 10

Recent reports filed with the Hinesville Police Department include:

 April 2

Possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, possession of marijuana, possession of tools for crime – An investigation of residents of a Christopher Drive home led authorities to get a search warrant on the home, and six officers and a drug dog served it. Two people were arrested, one for possession (7 grams found in her room) and the other with the distribution (126 grams in his room) and tools charges (scales, etc.). He had bond set at $3,500 and was reportedly still in jail. The report did not say what was done with the woman.

 April 7

Assist other agency (arson investigation) – A love triangle gone bad apparently cost a couple two vehicles. An officer was sent to a mobile-home park on Kelly Drive on the report of two vehicles on fire. He saw flames in a Ford F-150 pickup and smoke in a Chevrolet Equinox. After firefighters arrived and started work, one of them called the officer over to point out graffiti on the vehicles. The truck had “she’s mine” painted on it, and the SUV had a slur against women written on it. When the owner of the vehicles was informed about the messages, he reportedly yelled at his wife, including, “We lost two vehicles because of you.” But later, both the wife and husband said they did not know who would have lit the vehicles on fire, and the woman said she had not been unfaithful to her husband. After the fires were put out, investigators found a gas can nearby. The vehicles were towed to an impound lot and the investigation continues.

 Entering an auto – A Gen. Stewart Way woman reported that someone broke into her car overnight and stole items, including $300 from her wallet, which was in the glove box, and a 24-karat gold ring with three diamonds, which had been in the center console. She said she parked about 7 the night before, and she was sure she locked the car. But officers saw no signs of forced entry. She was given a case number, and the investigation was turned over the detectives.

 Civil matter – An officer was sent to a pawn shop when a customer got into an argument with the staff. Staff members said they had picked up a bed from a Kelly Drive home and refunded $120, which was given to the resident’s son. Both the bed owner and her son contended he did not receive the money, even though the staff produced a receipt for the money, which the son had signed. “(The owner) would not entertain the possibility that her adult son was also a suspect,” the report reads.

 Fraud, bad check – A woman said she had advertised a refrigerator for sale on Craigslist. She agreed to sell it and received a $1,700 check with instructions to deposit the money and send $690 to a moving company. She did so and, later, her bank notified her that the check was no good. The officer told her how to follow up with her bank and gave her a copy of the report.

 Fraud, illegal use of credit card – A man went to HPD to report that a woman with his Army unit was misusing her government-issued credit card. It was unclear whether the complainant or woman were soldiers. He called her use “unusual” and said he had photos that implied that at least once she put gasoline in a personal vehicle. The information and evidence was to be forwarded to MPs.

 Larceny, found contraband, doing business without a license – A john waiting for his prostitute to get her man out of their apartment drew the attention of neighbors who called 911. The officer arrived on Brett Drive about 1:30 a.m. and spotted the man standing between some vehicles. The man at first told the officer he was waiting on police because he called 911 to report a shootout. But central dispatch said no such report had been made. Then he said he was just waiting for a woman who had gone into an apartment. When the officer checked the apartment, the occupant said he was alone and that he did not know of a woman who was supposed to be in the apartment. So the man outside was detained, and two small bags of suspected cocaine were found on him. But he started to talk and said he had responded to an ad on a website that implied the woman was selling sex. He said he had given her money and was supposed to go into the apartment, but was told to wait when she realized her “man” was home. His phone history backed up his story, as did the ad. So the man was released. The cocaine was turned over to HPD’s evidence room for possible prosecution later. The other charges are pending until the woman is found.

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