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Hinesville Police blotter for Aug. 17
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Burglary, residence
Aug. 8
W. MLK Jr. Dr.

An officer was dispatched to West MLK Jr. Dr. and spoke with a complainant. The complainant said he left a residence at about 8 a.m., and when he returned, he found a chair outside the living room window and the front door unsecured. When he entered his home he found several items missing from his living room. No evidence was obvious at the scene. A detective was notified of the incident.

Simply battery
Aug. 1
W. General Screven Way

An officer was dispatched to West Gen. Screven Way and spoke with a complainant. She said her manager called her fat a week earlier, and was making a sandwich to eat for her break when he started saying insulting things to her and then slapped her on the face. She said she did not call when the incident took place because she was afraid of losing her job. The officer spoke to the manager, who denied all allegations against him.

Theft by taking
Aug. 9
S. Main St.

A complainant, who lives in Woodwind South Apartments, told police a roofing company was using her electricity without her permission. She said she contacted city inspections and they advised her they had no record of anyone with a permit doing work in the area. She said inspectors were on their way out to the complex to speak with the workers. The officer advised the complainant he would speak with them as well. When the officer finished gathering the complainant’s information, the officer went to the location and found no one there. But there were two trailers with roofing material in them. The trailers were marked with the D.B. Gulliver logo on the side. The officer was unable contact the company at the time of the report.

Simple battery
Aug. 8
Inwood Dr.

An officer was dispatched to Inwood Drive in reference to a domestic dispute. The complainant said her husband had returned home and was intoxicated. While she was in the den on the computer, he reportedly turned on the television in the same room. They argued regarding the TV channel. When the complainant tried to take the TV remote from her husband, she said he pushed her. She tried again to take the remote and when he tried to push her again, she stepped to the side and he slapped her on the left arm by the elbow. This happened a third time and again when her husband tried to push her, she stepped to one side and he slapped her on her upper left arm. The officer then talked with the husband. He was in one of the bedrooms with a 40-ounce beer bottle next to him. He was visibly intoxicated. He admitted to pushing away the complainant’s hand when she tried to take the TV remote. When the officer spoke with the complainant a second time, she said she was watching TV and her husband turned the channel. The husband was unable to recall who was watching television first. During the investigation, the officer was unable to determine who the primary aggressor was. Both parties agreed to stay in separate rooms.

— Emily Peterson

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