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Hinesville Police blotter for Aug. 26
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Theft by taking
Aug. 12
Ashton Drive

An officer was dispatched to Ashton Lane in reference to a stolen dog. The officer met with the complainant who reported his 5-month-old, brown pit bull was missing. He said the dog had been chained to his motorcycle in the driveway while he was mowing the front yard. When he went to the back of the house to put away his lawn mower, someone stole the dog. The complainant said he then called 911. The officer told the complainant about places to get information chips for dogs so it's easier to find animals when they are stolen. It was noted the chips also help prove ownership of the animal.

Aug. 13
N. Main Street

An officer as dispatched to North Main Street in reference to a prowler. The officer made contact with the complainant who explained that his wife and cousin had left the residence and he went to bed. He then heard the front door knob moving, as though someone was shaking it. He went to the window to see if he could determine anything and then walked to the back of the house and looked outside. He said he then saw a black male against the wall of his house. When the subject realized he had been seen, he ran around the residence to the front porch and into the woods. The complainant said there is a trail in the woods that leads to the neighbor's back yard. The officer went down the trail but was not able to make contact with the suspect. The complainant said the suspect was a black male, average build with inch-long dreads who was wearing a long, white T-shirt and shorts.

Suspicious act
Aug. 13
Pineland Avenue

An officer was dispatched to Pineland Avenue in reference to a suspicious act and spoke with the complainant. The woman reported she met a man in a Yahoo! Chat room about 15 months earlier. They communicated on the Internet and by phone. When the man told the complainant he was taking drugs, she attempted to break off the relationship. The pair continued speaking with one another, and then about three to four weeks ago the man reportedly told the complainant he was going to shoot his neighbor. While speaking with the man on the phone, she said, he told he was taking ecstasy and heroin, and was a sniper with the Marine Corps. The complainant hung up on him. She contacted the related police department and was told they would check on the situation. She also noted she has not heard anymore from the authorities. But the complainant told the officer the man called her and told her he had escaped from jail. He said he was charged with first-degree murder and was up for the death sentence. He also told her he wanted to stay with her until he could get out of the country. He also told the complainant he killed his neighbor, his neighbor's wife, son, daughter-in-law, and their two grandchildren. Local authorities contacted the Toccoa Police Department about the incident. Authorities then contacted the man at his residence who said he told the complainant the story so she would stop calling and harassing him. It was also determined the man had no warrants and no one wit his name had escaped from prison.

Accidental damage
Aug. 14
E. Oglethorpe Highway

An officer was dispatched to East Oglethorpe Highway in reference to accidental damage of a gas pump and gas leakage. Upon arrival, the officer made contact with the complainant. She said a customer left with a gas pump nozzle still attached to his vehicle, causing the top portion of the hose to tear. The complainant said the pump started to leak gas and she quickly shut off the pumps. The customer said he forgot the nozzle was still in his vehicle. The estimated value of the damage is unknown.

Simple battery
Aug. 16
Garden Circle

The complainant said she and her boyfriend had argued and she wanted him to leave her residence. She said her boyfriend was intoxicated and upset about her use of the telephone. She then left and returned several hours later and the argument resumed. The complainant alleged her boyfriend slapped her in the face with an open hand during the argument. She left again and went to a neighbor's residence to call 911. The complainant's boyfriend was visibly intoxicated and stated there had been some pushing between himself and the complainant. He seemed unable or unwilling to elaborate but made no complaint of injury. He agreed to leave the residence.
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