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HInesville Police blotter for June 29
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Criminal trespass
June 18, 2007
Oak Crest subdivision

A complainant told police someone broke five windows and the front door of a construction office trailer. Damage was estimated at $500.

Drug charges
June 21, 2007
E.G. Miles Parkway

Police were dispatched to the emergency room at Liberty Regional Medical Center in response to a possible attempted suicide. Police contacted the staff who informed officers a man claimed he wanted to turn himself in and gave them a small bag of marijuana and told the staff he disposed of some drugs in the hospital bushes. Police spoke to the man to determine where he disposed of the other substances and later found a bag containing a class ring, 15 small bags of a white powdery substance, a small knife and a rolled up $20 bill with a white residue on it. MACE agents were notified.

June 21, 2007
Shaw Road

The caretaker of the Hinesville Cemetery reported several headstones were overturned. According to the caretaker, this was the third recent report of vandalism in the cemetery. Police added the cemetery to their watch list.

Criminal trespass/reckless endangerment
June 22, 2007
Pineland Avenue

A woman reported she saw her boyfriend walking with another girl. She stopped her vehicle to confront her boyfriend and he became extremely angry and drove his fist through a window on her father’s car. The glass shattered and sent shards all over ta passenger and her son who was also in the car.

Disorderly conduct
June 23, 2007
E.G. Miles Parkway

Police arrested a man who was yelling and stumbling around the rear parking lot of Dug Out Sports Bar. The owner had called to complain the man was giving customers a hard time and that he was banned from the club. When police ran a background check on the man, they found he was wanted by Liberty County for not paying child support.  

Battery/interfering with a 911 call
June 24, 2007
East Oglethorpe Highway

Complainant reported her boyfriend held her down on a bed of her motel room and bit her nose during a fight. Police observed her nose was swollen and bruised.

—Patty Leon

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