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Hinesville Police blotter for Nov. 18
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• Oct. 23: Found property, 1144 S. Main St.
A police officer found a Microsoft X-box video game system in a pile of pine straw behind an apartment complex while on foot patrol. The officer retrieved the X-box and ran a check on the video game that determined the system had not been reported stolen. The officer reported that the area where he found the X-box had been frequented recently by a burglary suspect. The suspect used to hide bicycles there before the bushes were removed, according to the police report.

Marijuana with intent, firearm during a felony, possession of drug related items/narcotic equipment, 751 W. Oglethorpe Highway
A Linwood Circle man, driving a 1998 Chevy Tahoe, was stopped by police for not having a tag light. The reporting police officer said he could immediately smell marijuana coming from inside the man’s truck.
Another officer arrived to assist and the policemen said they saw a black .45 caliber pistol on the passenger seat. The man admitted to having marijuana in his vehicle and gave officers permission to search his backpack on the truck’s rear floorboard.
Officers found several empty sandwich bags, a large bag of marijuana and a set of digital scales.

• Shoplifting, obstruction, disorderly conduct, 555 West Oglethorpe Highway
A security guard told police he saw a woman on a store security camera pick up a six pack of beer and place it in her bag before entering the store’s bathroom. The woman attempted to exit the store without paying for the beer.
The security guard, a police officer who was working security while off duty, said the woman gave a false name when he questioned her. The guard said while the woman was in custody, she became violent and used abusive language toward him and the store manager. The reporting police officer said he heard the woman yelling obscenities at the guard and the manager when he arrived.

• Oct. 24
Simple battery, 203 West Oglethorpe Highway
A fast-food restaurant employee and her co-worker got into a verbal dispute over a chicken sandwich. The employee told police her coworker did not want her to hand the bagged sandwich to a customer. When she did, the coworker allegedly got angry and grabbed the bag. The employee said her coworker also grabbed her right wrist and started to pull.
She told him to let go, but he kept pulling her wrist until the bag ripped and food went flying. The officer couldn’t find any witnesses, but the restaurant manager gave police a discipline report against the coworker referencing the incident.

• Oct. 25
Criminal trespass, terroristic threats, 1335 Shaw Road
A Shaw Road woman told police she and her male roommate were arguing and said he said, “I can hide a 2-year old’s body and you will never find him.”
Officers talked to the roommate, who was reportedly drunk. They said they saw broken items in the living room. The woman said the broken items were hers.

• Nov. 1

Suicidal threats 124 Gilbert St.
The friend of a Hinesville man told police the man had threatened to kill himself. When the police officer arrived on scene there were several members from the man’s church at the home trying to comfort him.
An officer said the man appeared alert and aware of his surroundings. The man said his friend misunderstood what he said, but did inform the officer that his wife of six months had left him. He also said his wife would return to work on their marriage.
The man said he told his friend he didn’t have anything else to live for when his wife left. The man also admitted to police he owned a hand gun and would give it to a friend. Police asked the man if he would go to a hospital and he agreed to do so.
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