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Hinesville Police blotter for Nov. 22
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• Nov. 1, Unruly juvenile, 1122 S. Main St.
A woman told police that after she told her son not to use the dryer to dry a spot on his shirt, he became angry and cursed at her, according to a police report.
The son then used the dryer without permission. The woman told police she turned off the breaker to the house. She said her son began to throw things in the house and turned over tables and furniture. The woman then called 911, according to the report.

• Nov. 2
Assault/battery offense/simple assault/simple battery, 800 Wildwood Drive

Police were dispatched to a fight between a husband and his wife. The man was standing in the driveway when police arrived. He was crying and told police he had “just snapped,” according to the report.
The man said his wife was laid out on the floor. The officer ran inside and found the wife leaning against a couch with an ice pack in her hand. The officer said she was not moving. The woman responded to the officer’s voice and a second officer who had arrived.
Police said her clothes were bloody and the left side of her face from her jaw to her forehead was swollen. Her left eye was swollen shut, she had a cut above her top lip and her left ear appeared to be torn from the lower to middle portion. She had a cut behind her ear and the area was swollen. The woman’s forehead was also cut and her mouth and teeth were bloody, according to the police report.
The woman also had injuries to her lower lip, chin and the right side of her face. Her speech was slurred and she was disoriented, the officer said. Police called EMS to treat the woman.
The officer questioned the man, who said he and his wife were arguing while he was holding their baby. The man said his wife attempted to take the baby. The man said he told his wife to back off and said she slapped his face. The man said he pushed his wife back and put the baby down. The man said his wife charged him and he hit her twice with a fist.
When the officer asked the man if he hit his wife more than twice he told police he didn’t know, claiming he blacked out. The man said he called 911 when he came to and found his wife lying on the floor.
The man had a slight swollen area on his upper cheek on the left side of his face and his index knuckle on his right hand was bleeding, according to the report. The officer then checked on the woman, who was being loaded into an ambulance.
He asked her what happened and she gave a similar story. She told police after she slapped her husband, she did not remember anything until they arrived. The officer said he saw marks on the woman’s neck consistent with strangulation. The wife was taken to a hospital and the husband was arrested for aggravated battery. The wife will be charged with simple battery upon her release from the hospital, according to the police report.

• Nov. 3
Entering auto, 1454 Victory Circle

A woman said she was headed to her house when she saw three men looking into vehicles in her neighborhood.
She described the suspects as slim and about 5 feet 11 inches tall. One of the suspects wore a black hooded jacket and another wore a gray hooded jacket. No description was given for the third suspect, according to the police report.
The suspects had allegedly been in the unlocked car of the woman’s neighbor. The three men took a clear plastic travel bag containing several prescription medications from the car, police reported. A suspect was charged and arrested in the case.
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