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Hinesville Police blotter for Sept. 24
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• Sept. 13: Terroristic threats, E. Oglethorpe Highway
A 2nd Street man told police he had been having ongoing problems with his ex-girlfriend. He said she had sent him threatening text messages and left one phone message threatening to kill him, according to the HPD report. The man told police he had recently been in a car accident where his ex-girlfriend intentionally hit the back of his car with hers.

• Sept. 16
Suspicious activity, Riyadh Road
A Riyadh Road woman told police a man who mowed her lawn earlier in the day had made her uncomfortable by his inappropriate interest in her personal life. She said the man knocked on her door and asked if he could mow her lawn and asked the whereabouts of the woman’s husband, according to the HPD report.
The woman, who was holding her infant, informed him her husband was due home shortly, police reported. They negotiated a price for the yard work after the man inspected the backyard, she told police. He came to the front door to complain he could not get through the gate into the backyard and startled the woman by walking past her back into the residence, according to the police report. She told police she redirected him to the back door. He came back later to cut the grass, and reportedly asked a neighbor if the woman’s husband was away.

• Sept. 17
Criminal trespass, Lawnwood Drive

A Lawnwood Drive woman was reportedly breaking things in her garage with a baseball bat. The woman told police she and her husband had an argument. He left in his truck, taking her wallet and a set of keys to an apartment she was watching for a friend, according to the police report. She told police she was angry, picked up a bat and broke a mirror and the front driver side window of a car parked inside the garage.

Burglary – forced, entry – residence, false imprisonment, aggravated assault-gun, Deerwood Court
A Shaw Road woman told police a man held her at gunpoint inside her sister’s house after her friend dropped her off. A man appeared as soon as she entered the dining room, pointed a gun at her and ordered her to drop her purse and get down on the floor, she told police. The man dragged the woman down the hallway into a bedroom, yelled at her, held a gun to her neck and kicked her back and buttocks, according to the report.
She told police she feared the man would rape her. The man exited the bedroom, slamming the bedroom door behind him, and retreated to another part of the house, according to the report. The woman, still lying on the floor, texted her friend and dialed 911 on her cell phone, whispered for help and then began to “howl” to mask her activity in case the man was still in the house.
She told police 911 called her back at which time she reported the man was armed and in the house. The woman then heard her friend knock at the front door and, realizing the man was gone, went to the door, according to the report.
The friend told police she drove down the street to a cul-de-sac to turn around after dropping her friend off. When she passed by the house, she saw a man exit the front door and walk to a parked car, according to the report. The friend told police she thought the man was a friend of the woman’s family, asked how he was doing and he replied “It’s alright, I’m his son.”
The friend told police the man drove off at a high rate of speed. She then got of her car and went to check on the woman who had called out for help, according to the report. The man allegedly gained entry into the house through a living room window, police reported.

Possession with intent to distribute, giving false name. E. Oglethorpe, Highway
Police reported a Walthourville man was attempting to sell narcotics in the parking lot of a local motel. The man reportedly gave police a false name and incorrect date of birth. A MACE agent arrived to assist and the man gave permission to be searched, according to the HPD report. The MACE agent found a small plastic bag with what appeared to be cocaine residue in the man’s outer pants, and found several more bags filled with what appeared to be narcotics in a second pair of pants the man was wearing underneath his outer pants.
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