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Hinesville Police blotter Jan. 19
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Found contraband
Jan. 8, 2007
Gause Street, Hinesville
A student reported finding a ziplock bag on a sidewalk and turned it in to a Liberty County Board of Education official who was nearby. The bag, which appeared to contain marijuana, was then turned over to Hinesville police by the school official. MACE agents were notified of the incident and the bag was documented and locked away as evidence.
Aggravated assault — knife
Jan. 9, 2007
Pineland Avenue, Hinesville
Police were dispatched to Pineland Square apartments in reference to a report of a stabbing. Complainant stated that another resident of the apartment complex kept taunting her and confronting her trying to start a fight. Complainant explained to police that this person got in her face so she pushed her away and that started a confrontation. According to police reports the two were pulled apart by the offenders boyfriend. The offender then came back towards the complainant and stabbed her in the upper left arm. The wound was superficial, and two inches in length. Complainant declined transportation to the hospital. Police advised complainant of warrant procedures.
Criminal damage to property
Jan. 9, 2007
Palmetto Trace, Hinesville
A complainant called police to report someone had fired two bullets through the front wall of her residence into her home office. Upon investigating police found what appeared to be two bullet holes in the front wall of the residence, and damage in the interior of the home consistent with the exterior holes. Police found one bullet embedded in the drywall of a closet, a possible second bullet was not located. Police turned the investigation over to the detective division.
Marijuana possession
Jan. 9, 2007
Pafford Street, Hinesville
Police were called to Bradwell Institute in regards to a student possibly smoking marijuana inside a restroom. A faculty member told police she smelled what she believed to be the odor of marijuana from a student exiting the restroom. She then described the student to the police. Police reviewed the security camera video and observed a student matching the description exiting the restroom as the faculty member had stated. The vice principal was informed of the police investigation and decided to go with police to make contact with the student. The student was located and questioned whether he had any marijuana on his person. The student responded yes and produced a marijuana cigarette from his pocket. It was partially burned as if it had been smoked previously. The student was arrested, transported to HPD, cited, photographed and given a court date for appearance. He was also suspended from school for five days and faces an in-school suspension of five days pending a tribunal hearing for expulsion.
Robbery — strong arm
Jan. 9, 2007
Ridgewood Way, Hinesville
Police responded to a BOLO broadcast about a carjacking that had just taken place on Ridgewood Way. A police officer in the area observed a vehicle matching the description pass in front of him, and radioed for patrol units, who were able to converge on the vehicle and conduct a felony traffic stop. Police were also notified that EMS was en route to the victim’s residence. Police made contact with the victim who was able to describe the suspect and verify that it was her vehicle police had stopped. She stated that while she was attempting to get in to her vehicle she felt someone tug her at the back of her head and throw her to the ground. She then looked up and saw the suspect getting in to her vehicle. The victim then jumped on the hood of the car, while the suspect drove off and after approximately 600 feet the victim was thrown to the street where she sustained several cuts and scrapes. The suspect was arrested and transported to HPD and the case was given to the detective unit.
Simple battery
Jan. 10, 2007
Memorial Drive, Hinesville
Police were dispatched to Liberty regional Medical Center on an assault call.  Complainant stated that while visiting her cousin, her boyfriend showed up and started an argument because he thought she was dating someone else. Complainant stated that she was sitting on the floor when he pushed her down and jumped over her, put his knee over her stomach and hit her several times with his fist on her left thigh. Complainant stated that she was not able to push him away. Complainant is three months pregnant and began bleeding after the incident. Police advised her on warrant procedures.
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