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Hinesville Police Blotter: July 6-11

These were the recent police reports in Hinesville:

July 6

• Shoplifting, obstruction of an officer — An officer was dispatched to West Hendry Street regarding a complaint of someone shoplifting clothes. The officer asked the alleged offender if he had any weapons, and he said no. However, the suspect refused to lift his shirt when the officer tried to check under it for weapons. When asked about the bulge under his clothing, the alleged offender said it was his stomach. He then tried to flee, but was apprehended by another officer, who frisked the suspect and found stolen items on him.
The officers discovered the suspect already had been charged with shoplifting seven times, so he was transported to the Liberty County Jail and booked on felony shoplifting charges.

July 11
• Theft of automobile — An Arlington Drive woman reported a vehicle stolen. As two officers responded to the call, they heard a call go out over the radio about an accident involving a vehicle that matched the description of the stolen vehicle.
The woman said she noticed the vehicle missing at 8:45 that morning. Since she was house-sitting, she called the owners of the house and car and asked if they had come home early. They had not. The spare car keys still were in the kitchen, but the main keys that had been in the resident’s bedroom were gone. The officers did not see any signs of forced entry.
The officers were informed that a diamond ring found in the car involved in the accident fit the description of a ring stolen from the house.
After the accident, a passenger in the car reportedly fled on foot but was detained by two soldiers. The passenger said the driver ran toward Willowbrook Estates. The man was turned over to detectives for further questioning and then jailed.

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