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Hinesville Police Blotters Feb. 10

Reports recently filed at the Hinesville Police Department include:

Feb. 3
Suspicious activity — A Fennell Street resident called officers after hearing someone open the screen door to his mobile home about 1:30 a.m. The resident also heard sounds at his door that made him think someone was trying the pick the lock. The 911 operator advised the resident to hide in his bathroom and while in there he heard a voice that could have been his brother talking to a second suspect. It was unclear if the would-be burglars got into the home. Nothing was believed to be missing.

Feb. 2
Harassing calls — A Slade Street resident reported that she had been receiving two to four calls a day since Jan. 14 from a man claiming to be “her computer man.” The calls have come from at least eight different numbers. When the woman asks that the man quit calling her, he becomes abusive.

Feb. 1
Burglary — An officer was called to a second-floor apartment on Taylor Street when the resident returned home from work about 4 p.m. and found his residence ransacked. A television was found on the floor, broken, while game systems and clothes were missing. A woman who also lived in the apartment said she was unsure if she had locked the front door when she left for the day.

Battery — One of the numerous domestic-dispute reports had some extremes to it. A Gen. Stewart Way resident reported about 8 p.m. that she went to the hospital after her boyfriend hit her. The boyfriend told officers his girlfriend had “been disturbing” him since he got home from work, spraying Lysol onto food he was trying to cook three times, unplugging a DVD player while he was listening to music and, finally, punching him in the groin while he was on a couch. That’s when he slapped her, bloodying her nose. She went to hospital with EMS, but declined treatment there. She claimed her boyfriend became upset when she told him she didn’t want to get him involved when her son called asking for a ride from a Savannah hospital. She said he trashed his own food and unplugged various appliances. The officers saw her bloodied nose. Both parties received information about the report that would be filed. Later, after the woman had taken a cab home, officers were again called. The woman said her boyfriend was “destroying” the apartment. Officers, however, said they saw nothing had been disturbed in the apartment, except for the boyfriend’s belongings. He agreed to sleep in his vehicle that night.

Jan. 19
Terroristic threats, intimidation — A landlord reported he had rented a residence last month, but that the checks for the deposit and first month’s rent bounced. He had not received any other payments. He changed the locks. The erstwhile renter reportedly called the landlord and threatened to kill him and burn his property.

Jan. 17
Entering auto, simple batter — A resident of a Brantley Drive mobile home park chased and beat a suspected thief with his cane when he saw the suspect entering a pickup. The truck owner said he went to his mother’s home to drop off clothes and pick up his children. He left the truck running and said he saw the suspect leaning in the truck as the owner came outside. He yelled at the man, who said he thought the truck was his girlfriend’s and he was just looking for pot. Meanwhile the neighbor later reported he saw the suspect creep up to the truck, open the door and lean in, and his wife came running, landing at least one blow on the suspect’s arm. The owner called 911 and the neighbors chased the suspect into one mobile home, where he changed clothes, and then into another, where they were able to direct police. He gave himself up to police. The suspect told officers the same story about getting into the truck, except that he was looking for cigarettes. The suspect was turned over to detectives for charges.

Counterfeiting — A Captain D’s employee called officers when a customer gave them a suspected fake $100 bill. The suspect was still at the restaurant and told officers he did not know the bill was counterfeit, that he had taken the money from his safe, where he stashed money when he cashed checks. He said he had recently been to banks in Douglas and Metter.

Computer trespass — A Budget Motel resident told officers that a woman was threatening to upload a pornographic video with him in it to his Facebook account because he had canceled the insurance on a vehicle that she drives. The victim said he couldn’t get into his account because the password had been changed. So he didn’t know if the video had been posted, nor if he was able to delete it if it had.

Jan. 16
Trespass — A bus driver called officers after going to clean up his bus at the Liberty County bus barn on Techwood Drive just before 1 a.m. The driver said while there he saw someone wearing a gray hoodie near another bus. The interloper saw the driver and ran. When officers investigated, they found a fire extinguisher had been sprayed inside another bus. Another extinguisher was found nearby. The driver said his impression was that the vandal was a juvenile and that there may have been two of them.

Simple battery — A 6-year-old called in this domestic dispute complaint, saying “mommy is on the ground and daddy hit her.” The suspect said, “Just arrest me now,” when officers arrived. It was the second time that night police had been called. The victim had walked away from the area and when she returned was not cooperative with officers. The suspect said he had been trying to sleep, but that his wife would not leave him alone, evening kicking him “trying to get me to hit her.” She also told her husband she had had relations with another man in his bed. That’s when he hit her. The parties were separated and the husband would not return for several days, and then with an escort from his unit.

Jan. 15
Disturbing public school — A mother of a Liberty County Pre-K Center student pushed her way into a classroom to pick up her daughter. She had been told she would have to wait until after children riding buses had left before she could get her child, since she had missed a 1:45 p.m. deadline. A teacher, who was watching the children, said the mother forced her way into the room and would not show her ID, though she apparently had one in her hand. “A scuffle ensued” with the children in the room. Another teacher went to get the principal, who came to talk to the mother, who was cursing at the educators by then. After that confrontation, the principal called police. While she was gone, a male teacher went to talk to the mother, who apparently took a couple swings at him. When officers arrived, the mother had calmed some, she apologized and said she had “a lot in her life” and had let her emotions get the best of her. She also said she had other children she needed to pick up. The educators said they did not want to press charges, but did want the mother banned from the school.

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