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Hinesville Police blotters for Aug. 19
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Aug. 3, Indecent exposure
401 Myrtle Lane

A woman reported seeing a man in a green F-150 truck urinating out of the truck window in front of her house. The woman told police her son was in the yard and also saw the man and that her son ran inside yelling about the “hairy man peeing out the truck window.” She told police the man was the passenger and that another man was driving. Both appeared to be in their 20s, the woman told police.

Aug. 3, Simple assault/simple battery
1120 Kelly Drive

Police were called about a fight between juveniles. Two juvenile victims told officers that three unknown men drove past them while they were walking and “stared them down.” The three men then drove into a mobile home park. A few minutes later, the three men approached the juveniles, and asked what gang they belonged to. The juveniles said they were “Bloods.” One of the men, who wore a Chicago Bulls jersey, punched one of the juveniles in the face and the juveniles and the three men began to fight.

Aug. 4, Found property
601 Tupelo Trail

A man called police to report that he found two rifles stored inside a long black plastic case that was discarded in the woods. He had been playing soccer with his son behind his apartment building. The ball rolled into the woods, he said, and when he went to retrieve it he noticed the rifle case. The man said he did not call the police that day because his wife and son were going on vacation and he did not want them to know what he had found. He called police a week later, when he remembered finding the rifles.

Aug. 4, Suicidal threats
1103 Mary Ann Drive

A man called police and said he was going to kill himself and that he wanted to go to jail. When police arrived at the man’s house, his wife told police he had been drinking, was depressed and wanted to go to rehabilitation. The man initially refused to be taken to the hospital. The man’s mother then arrived at the house and convinced her son to go to the hospital.

Aug. 5, Shoplifting
555 W. Oglethorpe Highway

A grocery store worker called police about a man shoplifting a $9.49 bottle of Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse makeup.

-- Denise Etheridge

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