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Hinesville Police blotters for June 27

June 2: Disorderly conduct — An officer went to Kroger in reference to threats. A woman said she pulled into the Kroger parking lot and saw her husband with his girlfriend and girlfriend’s daughter.
She was told by her lawyer to take pictures of them together and did. They drove past her, yelled obscenities and threats and left Kroger. She said her husband has tried to kill her in the past, and she is afraid that he will try it again after this incident.

June 3
Criminal trespass — A woman said that her ex-boyfriend was pounding on the front door and windows of her home. She would not open the door for him, so he tried opening it himself. The ex-boyfriend moved out a month ago and is trying to move back in. The ex-boyfriend was not there when the officer arrived. She said he left in a green pickup. The front door had marks where he allegedly tried to open it.

June 6
Theft by taking, hubcap — At 1:15 p.m. an officer went to Ringneck Way in reference to theft of a hubcap. The complainant said he was from Alabama, but he was in Hinesville visiting his daughter. At her residence, he noticed a rear driver-side hubcap missing on a vehicle. It also appeared that someone tried taking the front driver side hubcap off.
Burglary, no forced entry, residence — An officer was dispatched to Deal Street because of a burglary in progress. The complainant said she left her residence at 2 p.m. and returned at 4:45 p.m. and noticed things out of order. It appeared there was no forced entry, but the rear door was unlocked. Her neighbor saw a tan car at her residence. The complainant said she was missing a Playstation 4 and a 40-inch flat-screen television at a total value of $1,755.

June 7
Criminal trespass — An officer arrived to a fight in progress on Lyndsi Lane. Two men were yelling at each other, and another man was trying to keep them apart. The officer separated the men. The two men who were fighting live together and were both intoxicated during the fight. One man hit the other, and the other man retaliated by breaking a window. The one man did not want to press charges on the man who broke his window, but did want him to pay for it.

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