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Hinesville Police Department for April 27
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Criminal trespass
April 21, 2007
Cherokee Circle
A couple having dinner in their home was startled by a loud crashing noise at the back of their residence. Immediately afterwards, their neighbor’s dogs began to bark. When the couple checked their premises, they saw four to five individuals running away from the back their home. They discovered a window had been broken and a blue bandanna on the ground.

Theft of automobile
April 21, 2007
Saunders Avenue
A complainant reported he left his vehicle running while he ran inside his apartment for a minute. He returned to find the vehicle being driven away by somebody. About 40 minutes later, police were notified the sheriff’s department had a suspect with a vehicle that matched the one that had been reported missing. HPD was able to confirm it was the stolen car and the suspect was placed under arrest.

Aggravated assault-knife
April 21, 2007
Brantley Drive
A verbal dispute ended with a woman stabbing herself in the thigh and a man being cut from his head to his neck. According to reports, the couple was arguing when the woman’s son intervened and began yelling at the man. When the man went toward the son, the woman reportedly pulled out a knife, stabbed herself in the thigh, and then cut the man. When questioned by police why she stabbed herself, she said she thought it would scare the man off. She was later arrested.

Vehicle fire/assist other agency
April 21, 2007
Long Fraser Drive
A man driving a bus registered to Angel Tour of Savannah was traveling east on Oglethorpe Highway when the pressure gauge began rising and falling. Suddenly, he heard a loud noise like a tire blowing, so he pulled over to check the tire and discovered the bus was on fire. Hinesville Fire Department extinguished the blaze.

- Patty Leon

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