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Hinesville Police Department reports
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May 23
Criminal trespass — An HPD officer was conducting house checks when he noticed a rotten smell emanating from a Varnedoe Street residence. The office approached the porch and noticed skeletons of decayed fish on the front porch and fish particles on the storm door. Decayed fish also had been left on the windshield and hood of a car in the driveway. The officer attempted to contact the person to whom the car was registered, but no one answered the phone. The officer left a business card in the front door with a case number, his name and badge number.
Hit-and-run — A Summerwind Condos resident said he was inside when he heard a loud noise outside and went to investigate. A short time later, the doorbell rang and a man told the resident he saw a white pickup hit the resident’s vehicle and leave. The resident said he did not know the witness. The responding officer observed damage on the resident’s car that was consistent with a collision. The officer conducted a drive-through to locate the suspect’s vehicle but could not find it. The officer told the complainant to contact HPD if he obtains any additional information.

May 24
Theft by taking — A Palmetto Street man said his handgun was missing. He told the responding officer he believed the woman he lives with took the gun and threw it in a Dumpster. The woman said she had not seen the handgun. The gun was reported as stolen, and the report was forwarded to HPD’s detectives’ division.
False report of a crime — A woman admitted falsifying a report about an alleged armed robbery during which she claimed $200 was taken from her. The woman said she made up the incident because she was angry at a man whose home she had been visiting and wanted to get him in trouble. An HPD detective said he’d further investigate the possibility of prostitution activity, and charges for making a false report may be pursued against the woman.

May 25
Burglary – no forced entry — A Hinesville motel customer said he was unloading his luggage when he was approached by a man trying to sell him shirts, socks and toothpaste. The motel guest said he bought the items for $10. The man then told the guest that he works for the motel and couldn’t leave the property to go pick up a pizza. The man gave the motel guest some money and asked him to pick up his pizza. The guest agreed and locked the door to his room, making sure the man was not inside. When he returned to the motel, the man was not there and the guest’s laptop was missing from his room, although there were no signs of forced entry.
The motel manager said there are video cameras on the property, but she had to wait until her husband returned so he could download the footage. She also said the man in question might be another motel guest who lives in a particular room, but the responding officer was unable to make contact with anyone in that room.

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