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Hinesville womans face slashed
Victim was alone at home when two men broke in and attacked her

A Hinesville woman was viciously attacked Wednesday night while sitting at home, according to the Hinesville Police Department.

Patrolman Travis Probst, who was first on the scene, learned from the injured woman that she had been sitting on her couch in the Northgate Apartments complex around 10:30 p.m. when someone pounded on her door.

According to Probst’s incident report, the woman said she did not answer the door, but two men who were dressed in black and had their faces covered kicked it in and entered the residence. The woman told Probst the pair attacked her.

Detective Melvin Kesner said one of the men pointed a gun at the woman, who tried to retreat, and the other man pushed her onto the couch and began slashing at her face with a sharp object.

According to the incident report, the victim did not know what the men used to hurt her, but she sustained multiple lacerations.

The woman told Probst she screamed and the men ran outside and down the apartment stairs, where a witness reportedly saw the two get into a dark-colored, four-door sedan, possibly a Ford, and pull out onto Veterans Parkway.

The woman, who was found lying on the floor by another neighbor, was taken to Liberty Regional Medical Center in Hinesville, where Kesner said she received stitches and later was released.

When Probst asked the victim who might have wanted to harm her, she said she had been having problems with a former boyfriend. Kesner said the ex-boyfriend did not match the description of the attackers, however, he added that the attack did not appear random. The detective declined to provide additional details because the investigation is ongoing.

Anyone with information should call Kesner at 368-8211 or dial 911.

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