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HPD blotter for Aug. 7
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June 19: Sales of cocaine, possession of marijuana — An officer noticed a vehicle he recently pulled over in which the driver did not have a license. When the officer made contact with the driver, it was the man he suspected. The officer asked the man if he had his license, and he did not answer. The officer retrieved information that said the man still did not have a license.
Another officer arrived, arresting the man, while the first officer searched the man and found a bag of cocaine in his pocket.
They also searched his car and found marijuana.

June 21
Burglary, forced entry, residence — An officer responded to a burglary occurring on Ashmore Street in Hinesville. The officer noticed the front door had been kicked in. The complainant was at work when she received a phone call from one of her coworkers, who allegedly saw two men in front of the residence. She told the complainant that her door was open, and the complainant left work right away. The complainant reported that her child’s bank with $175 and her laptop were both missing.
Burglary, forced entry, business — Two officers were dispatched to a convenience store on Airport Road after it was burglarized. The owner showed the officers surveillance of two men taking cigars, candy and drinks and putting the items in their backpack. It appeared that they entered through a shattered window. The front door also was shattered, but the glass was in place.

June 22
Burglary, forced entry, residence — A Hinesville woman living on Montclair Drive called an officer after realizing her laptop was missing. The window was unsecured, and a piece of plastic was placed under it to hold it open. The laptop was valued at $300.
Theft by taking, medicine — An officer was dispatched to a Hinesville woman’s residence after she speculated her father’s girlfriend was taking her and her father’s medications.
The complainant’s father and his girlfriend were at her residence taking care of her after surgery when she began to notice her medication missing.
The girlfriend reportedly has a history of abusing medication.
The complainant and her father were missing different amounts of clonazepam, suboxone, topamax, tramadol and percocet.
Shoplifting — A cashier at Clyde’s on E.G. Miles Parkway reported to two officers that a man stole a beer from the store. The shoplifter was walking to the McDonald’s next door when the officers found him.
He was identified by the cashier and taken to the officer’s car, to which he said “All this over one beer.”

June 23
Entering auto, theft by taking — An officer responded to a call in reference to theft. A Hinesville woman noticed her purse missing from her vehicle when she was visiting her daughter’s residence on English Oak Drive. She said the doors must have been unlocked because there were no signs of forced entry.
Theft by taking — An officer was dispatched to Cherry Street in Hinesville after a man noticed his gun missing. He reported that his cousin was at his residence at 8 a.m. He believed he left with the gun through the window because it was unlocked.

June 25
Theft by taking — An officer was dispatched to a Lancaster Loop residence in reference to theft. Earlier, the complainant went to his room looking for jewelry and an iPod Nano and noticed those objects missing along with several other items.
He reported that he had been out of town and let a woman house sit while he was gone.
He suspects she stole the items.
The items together are valued at $2,480.
Theft by shoplifting — The Walmart loss-prevention center put a woman in custody after witnessing her shoplift a dual car stereo, a CD and two Blu-ray players. The complainant reported that the shoplifter tried exiting through the garden section but was confronted by the complainant and other members of loss prevention. The items totaled to $317, and all were put back on the shelves except the dual car stereo because the package was damaged.
Theft by taking — An officer was flagged down in the America’s Best Hotel parking lot by a Hinesville woman whose purse and wallet went missing from her hotel room. She reported that she had friends over in her room who left and said they would be right back.
It was then she noticed her purse missing. She described the visitors as slender men and said they drove off in a black Kia. Later, the complainant received a call from a friend who found her wallet.
The wallet had everything but the $300 in cash that originally was in it.

July 2
Theft by taking — A Hinesville man living on Magnolia Plantation Court called an officer after noticing his bicycle was missing. At 10 p.m. July 2, the complainant could not find his cooler that originally was on the front porch. The next day, his wife found the cooler in their backyard but noticed that the bicycle was not in its usual place. The complainant looked in the neighborhood but could not find the bicycle, valued at $199.

July 3
Burglary first degree, residence, forced entry — An officer responded to Lost Grove Lane in Hinesville after a burglary occurred.
The complainant said she had not been at her residence for a month, but she had friends checking on it. The back door appeared to be forced open, and all rooms in the residence were rummaged through. The complainant was missing a television, laptop, iPod, four pairs of shoes and a uniform.
The items are valued at $1,420.

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